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Mon Jan 24 09:08:49 PST 2005

Starting this year, Pittsburgh Indymedia's Rustbelt Radio program
is expanding to a weekly schedule, and will air on two radio stations!

Tune in today and every Monday in the Pittsburgh area at 6pm
on WRCT 88.3FM.  And now also available on WVJW in the Wheeling, WV
area, plus online at http://radio.indypgh.org

our full announcement is below:




Matt Toups  mtoups at indymedia.org
Andalusia Knoll  radio at indypgh.org

More information and show archives: http://radio.indypgh.org

  Pittsburgh Indymedia's Rustbelt Radio expands to weekly schedule and is
  picked up by a second station in West Virginia

Rustbelt Radio, the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center's review of news from 
the grassroots overlooked by the corporate media, is pleased to announce a 
weekly schedule for Spring 2005. Previously a bi-weekly program, Rustbelt is 
expanding to a weekly broadcast on a new day. Every Monday from 6-7pm the show 
will air live on WRCT 88.3FM in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Rustbelt Radio is also excited to announce that starting this year the show 
will be aired by a second radio station, WVJW-Benwood 94.1FM in the Wheeling, 
West Virginia metropolitan area. It will air every Saturday from 5-6pm.

Rustbelt Radio started broadcasting in May 2004 and aims to cover issues 
important to activists and communities which are under-served in the mainstream 
media. Like other collectives within the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center, 
Rustbelt Radio is collaboratively produced and is open to volunteers. Andalusia 
Knoll, a Rustbelt volunteer host and producer, said, "We try to highlight the 
voices that go unheard in the mainstream corporate news."

Rustbelt Radio is a project of the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center (IMC). 
The Pittsburgh IMC, also known as Indymedia, has been active in the area since 
Spring 2002, providing grassroots community-based, non-corporate, participatory 
media. Pittsburgh IMC is a member of the global Indymedia network, formed in 
Seattle in 1999 and now with local collectives in over 120 cities on six 

WRCT and WVJW are both members of the Pacifica radio network. Pacifica, a 50 
year old network of independent community radio stations around the US, is the 
nation's fastest growing independent radio network, beholden neither to the 
government nor any corporation. Both stations air Pacifica's popular national 
morning news program, "Democracy Now!", hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan 

WVJW calls itself "the Voice of Dissent" and can be heard in the Wheeling metro 
area as well as Bellaire, West Virginia and Shadyside, Ohio. WVJW is the only 
locally-run community radio station in the Wheeling area.  Their schedule of 
music and public affairs programs can be found at http://wvjw.info

WRCT, based at Carnegie Mellon University since 1948, also features other 
unique local public affairs programming, including multilingual shows in 
Spanish and Portuguese, every weekday from 6-7pm. WRCT's program guide can be 
found at http://wrct.org

Rustbelt's previous season covered topics like the construction of the 
Mon-Fayette Expressway, the plight of refugees on the Thai-Burma border, on the 
ground coverage from both the Democratic and Republican National Convention 
protests, and stories of both local and global housing and food issues. Local 
groups whose voices have been highlighted include Justice for Janitors, Save 
Our Transit, Pitt students for justice in Palestine, Pennsylvanians United for 
Single-Payer Healthcare, People Against Police Violence, and many others. We 
have also featured coverage and analysis on media issues such as the FCC's 
crack down on community radio broadcasters and the FBI's seizure of web servers 
in the UK used for Independent Media websites.

In the upcoming season Rustbelt Radio will highlight the work of a local 
Pittsburgh group each week, cover abuses by police around the region, feature 
the voices of local community activists, and continue to bring stories from the 
global Independent Media Center network to Pittsburgh's airwaves. This season 
we plan to feature stories on local residents who recently converted their car 
to run on vegetable oil, the protests at Bush's Inauguration in Washington, DC, 
and interviews on topics ranging from the middle-east, the South Pacific, the 
Black Panthers in the 60's, and Janitors in downtown Pittsburgh.

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