[IMC-pgh-announce] Future Champs, the fight to save Affirmative Action and UCLA Taser Protests on this week's Rustbelt Radio

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Mon Nov 20 13:47:59 PST 2006

Listen to this week's edition of Rustbelt Radio, the Pittsburgh 
Independent Media Center's weekly review of the news from the grassroots, 
news overlooked by the corporate media.

Tune in tonight, Monday November 20th, at 6pm, or tomorrow, Tuesday 
November 21st, at 9AM on WRCT 88.3FM.

*NOTE*: if you are having a harder time picking up WRCT this week, it may 
be due to a temporary technical problem on the radio transmitter.  If 
your reception is weak, you can always listen online - see below.

On this week's show...

   * Putting down the guns and picking up the gloves, Wilkinsburg Youth 
become boxers
   * Activists conduct a sweep against racist flyers in South Oakland
   * Organizers in the struggle to save affirmative action discuss 
Michigan's recent election results, voter fraud, and Ward Connerly.
   * UCLA students protest taser abuse on campus
   * and more local and global headlines

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9-10 AM.

We're also available on the internet: live at http://wrct.org and any 
time at http://radio.indypgh.org

Audio, Video and Media Literacy trainings are starting, stay tuned for 
more info.  Write us at radio at indypgh.org if you are interested!

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Rustbelt Radio
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