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Andy Mulkerin arm58+ at pitt.edu
Thu Dec 26 10:13:57 PST 2002

hey all

read this. when do we wanna meet with cease! kids? emma is outta town from
the 3rd thru the 6th so we should prolly wait for her to be back.

exiled in the burbs,

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I would love to.  I sent emma an email about where
cease planning is at the moment and where we are
physically.  We'll be back from San Francisco on the
3rd.  If you can just plan the meeting for anytime on
the 3rd or after, we will definitely be able to make
it.  If you need to use our apartment for the meeting
that is alright too.  We live on 4549 Friendship ave
#2 in bloomfield (corner of friendship and howley
behind foodland).  Basically, it is our goal to have
the community center by February 1.  We have $340 for
the security deposit and should have more by then.
We're looking for a place between $500-$750/month in
bloomfield or oakland most likely.

Let me know,

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