[IMC-pgh-discuss] banking

emma rocket ehr at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Dec 14 07:44:15 PST 2002

Hey people:

toni b and I were talking last night about setting up our bank account at
Eureka [which, yes, i know I was supposed to do this past week and now
it's Saturday and I have to wait...]

Did we ever clarify who should be able to access the account? I guess one
person should be me, as the finance champ, but we should have one other
person and I don't think we ever decided for sure who that is. Toni
suggested matt, but I think if anyone needs to do banking and we're not
around, it would be better to have somebody who doesn't live in my house
as the second person.

Toni - you'd be willing, right? But toni's also one of the
mailbox-key-holders, so would prefer that the people doing banking are
another set of folks entirely.

so John, since yer on Finance, do you want to be the Other Banker? Or does
anybody else feel strongly about this?

Please advise, because I can't go set up a two-person account with just
one person there.

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