[IMC-pgh-discuss] cease imc stuff, and overall update

emma rocket ehr at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Dec 31 07:47:55 PST 2002

Hi everybody!!!!!!! [you have no idea how glad i am to be back in

terrific terrific terrific!!!!

1. yes let's wait till after the 6th to talk about cease imc stuff (i'll
get back into pgh pretty late on the 6th so the 7th would be better for

2. workshop fliers: hmmm. I had all sorts of ideas about phrases/logo type
stuff but none of them were really amazing. And no we haven't written up a
real-deal information blurb about it. But this is what i wrote up for the
POG site. Everyone: please revise/revamp/comment on this --

Making Media workshop!
Saturday, January 18 10am to 2pm East Liberty Library

Just because mainstream media stomps on your perspective doesn't mean you
shouldn't make your OWN media! The workshop will have four parts in two
sessions, so you can choose which two parts you'd like to attend:

Information Gathering -- or -- Freedom of Information
and Basics of News Writing -- or -- Social Effects of Mass Media

Learn to make media, learn what your rights as a journalist are, learn how
to put together a news story, learn why mass media makes people
uncomfortable taking charge!

Email workshop at indypgh.org to let us know you're coming!
Donations are appreciated, but the workshop (including lunch and workshop
info packets, which are solid resources) is free.

     o   \ o /  _ o         __|    \ /     |__        o _  \ o /   o
    /|\    |     /\   ___\o   \o    |    o/    o/__   /\     |    /|\
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Start your own revolution, and cut out the middle man

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