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Thu Oct 30 11:31:14 PST 2003

imc folks,

this saturday at 2pm is the big PAPV march that
many folks will be attending.  of course we also
have a lot of pressing PGH IMC issues to address
at the November monthly meeting.

would people prefer to:

1. hold the meeting earlier on saturday, noon for example.
2. hold the meeting after the march on saturday
3. hold the meeting on sunday the 2nd instead.
4. hold the meeting some other time. (such as...)

please let us know ASAP what is best for you,
since we're only a couple days out at this point.


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Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 20:12:14 -0400
From: People Against Police Violence <Justice at PAPV.org>
To: PAPV Friends <Justice at PAPV.org>
Subject: Great Mobilization Against Police Violence:  November 1, 2003

Dear People for Justice:

The Great Mobilizations Against Police Violence.
2 PM, Saturday, November 1

We will march from Freedom Corner on the District Attorneys Office at the
Allegheny County Courthouse.

Justice for:
Dion Hall
Michael Ellerbe
Charles Dixon
Bernard Rogers
Michael Hunter
Damian Jordan

Co-Sponsored by: Rosenberg Institute for Peace & Justice € NAACP Pittsburgh
€ The Thomas Merton Center € PA Connections € Black Radical Congress € The
Uncompromising Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal € Socialist Workers Party €
Sankofa € Freedom Road Socialist Group

412-322-1330  €  412-657-4268 €  Justice at PAPV.org  €  PAPV.org

Help Spread the Word: Print the attached flyer and put it everywhere!


Renee Wilson, Director
> People Against Police Violence
> 801 Union Place, Suite 420
> Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5523
> 412-322-1330 - office
> 412-657-4268 ­ cell
> http://PAPV.org
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