[IMC-pgh-editorial] Meeting and hidden

andybot andybot at indypgh.org
Sun Jan 18 19:35:38 PST 2004

hey evan/ed collective

david should be getting the minutes out supersoon--i was about to email
him to get on his case about it, but you took care of that for me. :)

as far as the automated comments go, i believe what we said at the mtg is
that it was passed and that we should go ahead with it, but i could be
wrong. sometimes i don't pay good attention and only hear things i want to

thx for the notification
etc etc



On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Evan W. Wolfson wrote:

> Sorry I missed the meeting, folks.  Had to work.  Can someone please post
> the minutes as soon as possible, so I can look over any discussion on the
> latest comments proposal.  Also, can we *please* move ahead with automated
> comment hiding messages?  I hid a comment on a Protest Jesse Jackson Day
> (Jan. 19?) totally unrelated to the M20 article/video.  That's all I
> touched.  Don't have the comment # handy.
> Evan
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