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John Harrold jmh17 at pitt.edu
Thu Nov 14 08:25:14 PST 2002

i sent this the other day but i sent it to imc_pgh_tech. oops.

ok matt i beat on it for a bit and this is what fell out.

evidently the the validation was failing when updating the table. i printed
out the query and realized that the single quote (') wasn't being escaped.
as a result things like "i'll" seemed to be screwing it up. i updated the
story in the database and removed all of the (')'s. the i went to the
validation url and it seems to work fine. i asked around on irc and
evidently there is a setting in the php.ini file to have php escape these
things for you. 

after looking at the php.ini file it seems like the following should be
changed to 'On':
magic_quotes_runtime= Off

i also changed the checkbox to remain checked if the page is refreshed.

Sometime in November mtoups at andrew.cmu.edu assaulted the keyboard and produced:

| hey john,
| i think there are still some problems with email validation.
| 1. when you click the "email me" box, and then go
| down to the "how many files to upload" submit button,
| you lose the "email me" check off box, which i think
| is why people are not using the feature.
| 2. for some reason, when i just tried to validate an
| article, i went to the validation URL and it gave
| an affirmative result, but it didn't actually "validate"
| as in it didn't change the db and therefore didn't display
| on the page.  i was messing around with the db and changed
| it myself just to see if that was the problem.  any ideas?
| of course it'd be cool to implement this for comments
| too but that's no big hurry.  do you think it is a reasonble
| idea to start putting "not validated" tags on unvalidated
| messages?  i think we need an incentive for people to do this.
| matt

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