[IMC-pgh-tech] Re: 2 questions about templates

Quinten Steenhuis quinten at andrew.cmu.edu
Sun Dec 14 09:30:26 PST 2003

Everything has been renamed to be a little more logical than the original
sf-active naming structure.

the files you need to see are in /local/include/

index.php is the main file that includes the ones below -- refer to it if
you want to see what's what.

index_left is the left column
index_right is the right column
index_center is the center column
header-preamble is shared header code
frontpage_header is the header for the front page

the css is in /website/themes/layout.css

i put the middlebox first because if people don't have a css capable
browser (or use a text based browser) this way they can still see the most
important content at the top instead of having to search for it after
pages of the cities list and global news.

btw, we should use imc-pgh-tech since staughton-tech includes admins for
other sites on staughton

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, David Meieran wrote:

> you're referring to navbar,right? ok. but the logical structure of the
> divs and ids was broken, so it's going to take me a while to fix it
> since i'm still trying to figure out which templates and incs are used.
> i'm working on it.
> also: is there a reason why you put middlebox first?
> can
> ( i assume . i was just correcting some of the classes and ids --
> On Sunday, December 14, 2003, at 03:32  AM, Quinten Steenhuis wrote:
> >
> > David,
> >
> > black links are VERY hard to identify. The black on red is particularly
> > difficult to read on all but the highest contrast displays. I think we
> > should change this back.
> >
> > Quinten

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