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I'm not the techie type.  But thought I would pass along a comment from an
IMC poster.





Good Point Jeff ...and about that slow refresh
by Ghandi Sunday December 21, 2003 at 09:43 PM

THat's pretty much what i was trying to say. Any of this childish vandalism
not only hurts the movement, but also damages the community. I am totally
agaisnt that. I think we need to be inclusive of and sensitive to the needs
of the communities in which we conduct any action. Breaking windows adn
vandalizing the community (even if it is a Starbucks, the property is still
part of the community at large), only makes us all look bad.

AS FOR THE SLOW REFRESH >>> HEY IMC EDITORS>>>> This seems to have been a
problem ever since the makeover. Posting is
R...E.......A.........L............L.......Y slow. ALso, why isn't there a
link on each page that allows you to click back to the comments page without
having to go back to the frontpage? Can you make that feature like it was on
the old IMC. Just because it was the old IMC doesn't mean it was all bad;)

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