[IMC-pgh-tech] gpg workshop

matt toups mtoups at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat May 10 18:45:15 PDT 2003

hey techs.

andy and the gang are doing a media workshop
for highschool activists at the PAPPY conference
in a couple of weeks.

i don't know if we can do it then, but does anyone
want to create a GPG/crypto/privacy/paranoia workshop
geared towards mildly email-literate acvitsts?
I feel like it is a skill that more people need
to pick up, especially activists in our rather
un-activist-friendly times.  It has been a pet
peeve of mine that very security-conscious folks
can be really dumb about plaintext email and other
easy to fix things.

i figure its the sort of workshop that can
be used in a lot of different circumstances anyway.


(i was going to originally write this email to
john as i know he's down, but i figured it
would be best to send this to the whole tech


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