[IMC-pgh-video] meeting for next show

mtoups at indymedia.org mtoups at indymedia.org
Fri Jan 12 23:58:26 UTC 2007

hey that's great you taped yesterday, is there anything interesting there 
we could use for radio also?  how's the audio?

i think wednesday night would be my preference to meet, wanna meet at the 
IMC office?  oh and i just found one of our old DVCAM tapes from a 
previous show if you wanna use that for the current one.  i'll try to take 
it to the office this weekend


On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, ron d wrote:

> are people ok with meeting next week wednesday or thursday evening?
>  we have alot of raw  material for the next show already...
>  I taped some clips of the antiwar vigil yesterday at 5th and bellefield
>  and saturday i'm going to get some video of the counter recruitment demo in oakland
>  if anyone knows who to contact for footage of the DC jan 11th protest that would be cool

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