[IMC-pgh-video] december show / january meeting

mtoups at indymedia.org mtoups at indymedia.org
Sat Jan 20 20:09:40 UTC 2007

hey - after the meeting last night we started getting the last tv program 
ready to go online. (ron is preparing the DVCAM tape for PCTV)

the full show is now on archive.org in a few formats:


john is helping me make a title image for the flash version, that will go 
here: http://video.indypgh.org

and rob has posted a few of the local segments to http://pittsburgh.indymedia.org

monday morning is the transit rally downtown, some folks are planning to 
go and shoot.  ron is going to DC - next weekend? - to shoot the protests 
there.  we're also looking at shotgun mics and cheap 3-chip cameras...

that's more or less what i know is going on, can the rest of yall who were 
present relay any more updates to the list?


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