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  Anti-War Groups/International Editors/Public.
  Please Link/Email/Raise Awareness e.g. see search engine links.
  I returned on 1 March 2006 from US Pacific Northwest.  Before arriving in the area I was thoroughly vetted by the US Homeland Security Department who are aware of the non-fiction nature of DAYS OF ELIJAH - hence the reasons for my visit.
  May I ask you to reflect on the following authenticated and copywritten book-to-film submissions for DAYS OF ELIJAH?   Public interest is high (e.g. sample groups detailed below) and Marketing Plans/further details can be forwarded as Word Attachment.   Non-BMG (Bertelsmann Masonic!) publication is being sought.  Help re Editors/Publishers/Film Industry professionals appreciated.
  As DAYS OF ELIJAH continues to illuminate Scottish Ritual Freemasonry's agenda, in recent polls nearly 70% of people in the U.S. (more globally!) say that under the George W. Bush regime the U.S. is on the wrong track.  Australians - America is awakening!  Others already have.
  I trust you will reply.  I thank you for your time.  
  Rosemary E. Whitelaw.
  Temporarily:  Ireland  - recently returned from Scotland, Holland, Pacific Northwest (relocating eventually) and Portugal.
  Email reply preferred at rosewhitel at yahoo.co.uk
  'He also kills who only stands and stares/does nothing!'
  Days Of Elijah.
  International Security Analysis = Already Verified.
    (Samples of those giving support for final feature film production): 
  Jewish, Muslim and Christian individuals
  Jewish Film links
  MOSSAD - see HQ Tel Aviv
  Palestinian Authority
  Sinn Fein
  Fathers Fighting Injustice
  The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and further afield.
  Global Christian Prayer links.
  Irish Anti-War Organization, which links with Global Anti-War org.
  Russian, Greek and Coptic Patriarchs are aware of the material as are many of the religious denominations and orders e.g. Cistercians, Carmelites and help has been given.
  Freemasonry Watch
  Victims of Masonic Ill Treatment
  World Crisis.com
  International Social Pulse
  ‘After Downing Street’ Organization.

  TITLE: Days of Elijah
  Sub-Title: This is the verifiable, undeniable, and unadulterated reason for the author's 1987 Calling.
  Descriptive lines: God is good. As dust begins to settle, inspirational and motivational are details against Satan's Scottish Ritual Freemasonry servants. 
  (At the beginning of Days of Elijah book and film productions I think you will find audiences may be able to forgive.
  By the end I think you will find they will forgive the Masonic U.K. House of Mountbatten-Windsor Monarchy and Freemasons very little!
  For reference see also: War in Iraq/9-11 Investigations/Dunblane Shootings/Pan Am 103 - Lockerbie/Knesset/Native American History - Wounded Knee/Klu Klux Klan.)
  Author: Rosemary E. Whitelaw
  Pseudonym: Eliza Earsman 
  Scottish Ritual Freemasonry:
  Bearing true witness, Eliza ensures that details of the World War 3 agenda of the UK's Royal Family and Harvard 2nd generation Nazi 'Bonesmen' are exposed. Answer is given. 
  (Days of Elijah details have been lodged with the Institute of War Documentation in Holland. They will remain there until the situation has been dealt with - e.g. see groups below.  International security analysis/support has been verified.)
  Book Manuscript - 35,000(completed)/50,000 words + photos/family trees/original material
  2nd Draft Film script - 110 pages approx.
  Sub genres:
  Drama, True Story/Based on, Scottish History, War/Military, Political, Conspiracy.
  SELECTED QUOTES/potential readership:
  Ms. Whitelaw,
  I have been reading your work with considerable interest.   My father, Edward Anderson (1905-1969), was a similar writer. 
  Good luck,
  Dr Raeder Anderson
  Western Michigan University - Humanities Department
  Irish Anti-War Coalition
  (Much of Edward Anderson's work was made into major motion pictures.)
  Our ministry has been in existence since 1992 internationally offering films and materials such as this to the general public and for educational purposes. Just as Rosemary does, we include all in our audience.  Material such as this is not often available for the public and we encourage you to grant permission and cooperation in Rosemary's behalf.  We hope this presentation of Days of Elijah will not be the final one.  Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities have gained a growing awareness of this subject and to date and there has been no cause for complaint.
  Rita Williams, President 
  Cephas Ministry Inc.  www.cephasministry.com 
  The power of a witness like this one is strong evidence that we are now in the End Days.  I recommend this truthful and heart rendering testimony of a witness who has been given the call to speak out and tell the story as it should be told.  Days of Elijah is faithful witness to the times we are now in.  We need truth and value restoration.  I pray that this book becomes a film for truth’s sake and that it become a glory to God, our Father and Creator.
  Nicholas A. Stivers.  Author, and Vice President: Cephas Ministry. 
  The author tells of ...Freemasons and members of the Speculative Society of Edinburgh (Masonic) whom the author names in a script that reads like a Who’s Who of Scots/UK society going all the way to the top.
  I feel that it is important for the works of both of these authors to be distributed to the widest possible readership in the public interest.
  TOM MINOGUE, of International Men's Organisation 'Fathers Fighting Injustice'.  www.fathersfightinginjustice.com 
  We are under the cosh, Madam, for expressing the same views as you.   Keep going and best wishes.

James M Todd @ VOMIT (Victims against Masonic Ill Treatment)
  The author was educated at Moffat Academy, Moffat, Scotland, and Dumfries and Galloway Technical College, Dumfries, Scotland, until the age of 17 years. On completion of Secretarial Training at the above College received the Dinwiddie Prize for the 'Best All Round Student' and worked in the College Office for the next two years. 
  Joined the Dumfries and Galloway Police Force in Dumfries and worked as a policewoman for four and a half years. Gained much experience and left in 1970 to have a family - two daughters now aged 34 years and 32 years. 
  Whilst prioritizing family life extended experience by working part time in a variety of situations including: Working for eight years with Reckitt and Colman, an international and well respected company, being self employed, and enjoying very much the privilege of motherhood. 
  1987 was her fortieth year and since then her C.V. has been differently formed. Details from that time have been chronicled in the non-fiction Days of Elijah book manuscript - now in film script. 
  1991. Traveled extensively in Israel and returned to work in central London in a hostel for 120 homeless men. Has experience also of living on the streets and being narrowly missed by an I.R.A. blast which damaged central Westminster, London. 
  Traveling to the U.S.A., Canada, Israel, Ireland, Jordan, Spain, Central and Eastern Europe she has, by not always conventional but by always honest means, raised public and international awareness of Days of Elijah.  
  The author is a member of International Christian Literary Communities and under normal circumstances travels extensively.  Under these same conditions can find much to work on and write about. 
  Local/National/International Journalists have been contacted and have understanding of Days of Elijah.  Chief of Bureau CNN, Jerusalem, was present in Bethlehem in December 2002 whilst author was in the area and has international film footage available.  She has not been interviewed on TV/Radio but can adjust easily to speaking publicly and is unlikely to be ‘fazed’ should invitations be given.  Eliza has given readings on occasions in the White House Poets group in Ireland, and has experience of researching and writing detailed police reports. 
  Dislikes: imagery, pretension and snobbery.  When she gets the chance i.e. away from British, she very much likes peace and quiet, family, home, and challenging, diverse and constructive situations.
  Eliza (author of Days of Elijah) 
  As biblically explained, Scottish Ritual Freemasonry is the corruption of the cult of Baal worship.  Baal is the eldest son of Satan, Baalbeck in Lebanon is the city of Baal, and as part of the Bekaa Valley it is a home to interlinking and international dissident groups.  This will be expanded upon.  Freemasonry’s ultimate aim is to establish one-world government.  There is now a raised global awareness.  
  In conjunction with the time ordained, in chronological order and linked closely to the Will of Almighty God, Days of Elijah via Eliza exposes authenticated evidence, shows the work of adversaries, and provides answers which will see the eventual and intentional dissolution of global Freemasonry.  
  The Mountbatten-Windsor royal family is at the seat of Freemasonry’s activities in Britain.  Their Masonic Patron was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon the Queen Mother and as evidence keeps proving she has been at the heart of the British criminal fraternity’s action to a) have this person (Eliza) destroyed b) to have the public unaware of her and her family’s involvements and c) to stop or delay recognition of Freemasonry’s global agenda.  In time lost and cost they have in part succeeded.  
  Vast is that cost.  
  The central part of Washington D.C., U.S.A., for example built on Masonic creed and houses the ‘Mother Supreme (Masonic) Council of the World’.  Examination of the Masonic global agenda is for the reader to disseminate and discover.  U.S. Presidents, past and present, are closely involved with Freemasonry and Anglo-American political involvements are known.  
  Hence the need for this work!  
  ‘Coincidence’ rearranged in Hebrew means ‘coming from God’. Is Days of Elijah coincidental?   Wait and see.  
  As Christian witness, and coupled with international film rights, Days of Elijah is topical, educational and historical.  God is glorified and Eliza ensures, with integrity, through her lineage and justification, that the book will satisfy the critical academic reader and the average layperson. From a base of integrity, goodwill, publicity and good public relations both she and the work have an already fairly high worldwide profile. The multicultural and sensible reader wants, and requires, easy access to understanding historical context and content and in easily understood format Days of Elijah gives that opportunity and experience. 
  It leaves the reader under no illusions as to what is going on and who is the One True God. 
  (The book, via editorial interaction, will be set apart as distinctive and exceptional.)  
  Strong help is being given via Middle Eastern sources!
  From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth,
  From the laziness that shrinks from half-truth,
  From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
  O God of Truth, deliver us.
                                                        - Anonymous.  
  Events worldwide have overtaken us and of necessity, 'Days of Elijah' has to be in the global domain. 
  In no way do I consider this presentation of 'Days of Elijah' to be the final one. From its British base of crime ridden Freemasonry the opposition has been fierce and funding for professional editorial help has been and remains at zero. 
  As a result, the reader is allowed to acknowledge personal editorial inadequacies. 
  The inadequacy does not lie in the content or the context. 
  At the hands of the venomous few and the deliberate opposition of their Masonic Father much delay has been caused and many lives have been lost. 
  With on their hands, those responsible for closed doors and mucky minds can at no time be allowed to plead ignorance or innocence. It is fair to say that this work is not going to be a reference for the grey British systems, or their long history of detrimental activities the details of which have found their way into the global domain. 
  May their need for account be known. 
  I am required to do whatever is legally necessary to ensure the success of this book and eventual film content and thereby to leave the way clear for more of the work determined by Almighty God. 
  Travelling to the U.S.A., Canada, Israel, Ireland, Jordan, Spain, Central and Eastern Europe I have, by not always conventional but by always honest means, raised public and international awareness of ‘Days of Elijah'. 
  This book details how. 
  More so this book details why’. 
  It is fact that the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular communities are of necessity gaining a growing awareness of this work and have been able to find, to date, no cause for complaint re the work of this person.
  Eliza Earsman 2005.
  Family Trees
  1. One Day at a Time 
  2. 1947-1987
  3. The Way of Trust
  4. We'll Do It Thy Way
  5. Fools Rush In
  6. 1988
  7. Suicide -Theirs
  8. Playing with Fire
  9. 1991-1999
  10. London 1991-1992 and on to 1993
  11. Hell Bent
  12. Locked In
  13. The Crooked Path Way
  14. Vanity versus Sanity
  15. No Surrender
  16. Live Free
  17. I Need More
  Appendix A
  Appendix B
  Appendix C
  Appendix D
  Appendix E
  Appendix F
  Appendix G
  Appendix H
  Appendix I
  The Lord's Prayer
  Scripture quotations are from the
   Chapter 1 
  One Day at a Time 
  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house;
  yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.
  Matthew 7:25
  Looking, as some might say, as if I've just come from a turnip field, it's always best not to confuse decency with stupidity. 
  I used to live in a pleasant and reasonably sized sandstone Victorian 'semi'. Four bedrooms, lounge, dining room, fully fitted kitchen and bathroom. It was clean, bright, cheerful, and lived in. There were bunks, books, cats, plants and children. It had a good feel. It was our family home and the door was seldom closed for long. At the back was the garden - large, sixty feet by forty feet, and mature. Vegetables grew there and the roses bloomed. The girls tended their own small patch. The garden swing took up one small corner and the rope from the tree swung low. In earlier days the sandpit was used often and there was always an abundance of toys. The grass was green. 
  All in all it was a safe place for children to play. 
  The car parked at the end of the garden - next to the large shed and near to the greenhouse. The parking facility was good - it allowed for easy access and was in daily use. The forests were nearby and so was the shore. The vehicle was used often. 
  What more can I say? 
  It was a good place and quiet. Sheltered from the main road at the front we spent many quiet evenings there and many a night I stood beneath the stars as I brought in the frostbitten clothes from the drying line. November air is crisp! Life was serene but not dull - two growing children made sure of that. 
  That was before. 
  Now, as an older, wiser and still good looking fifty-four year old, I live - easily I may say - in a shoddy and shabby Salvation Army hostel for the homeless. (Note:  This chapter was written in 2002!)  Food is kept in the cupboard under the sink and, brightened by effort, the ten feet by six feet bedroom cum washroom cum anything else room is reasonable for anyone not wanting or requiring a home or family life. 
  I'm not one. 
  'Hope House' as it's known, is the busy, busy annex for those in transit from the 'Riddrie Hilton', the Victorian and, by all accounts, barbaric Barlinnie Jail in Glasgow. Decent folk live in Hope House and so too do many others. None of them have caused me any problems. 
  For the past sixteen years, I have followed a direct and almightily unavoidable calling to stand against, and expose, the delusional and unsustainable criminal practicing of Freemasons. They are commonly known as the Masonic fraternity. I have no option. If I don't, we go under. If I do, we go on. 
  If ever anyone wants to know why the state of Britain is as it is, look at the size of the nation on the world map, and then look at the concentration of the malpractices within. The church is at fault yes, but don't disturb them. Oh, no, their walk is in tandem with the word and the work of the world. 
  Swimming against the tide of deliberate Masonic maliciousness and oppression I have been shackled and held, filled full of anti-psychotic tails, slept in central London mucky shop doorways, been illegally detained and imprisoned, travelled far and wide, come up against the British Law Societies - where naivety has had to go out the window - and continued to tell the truth. The cost has been great but the privilege is greater. Life savings, home, family life, pension rights and a number of work and educational opportunities have all gone but, despite the warring factions, I will keep going. There is too much involved to stop now and Chapter 15 = No Surrender. Subsistence living in this situation means that God given talents have been suppressed, but they are not extinguished. 
  The more I have had to deal with the more has been brought to light and, in opposition to having the details dealt with quietly and correctly, Freemasons - and church leaders who have shown strong Masonic affiliations - have hindered that approach and have determined to have this publication pushed into the global arena. Freemasonry's ultimate aim is to establish one-world government and there has to be an urgent and raised global awareness. 'Days of Elijah' is certainly going a long way to providing that! 
  As revered by the monotheistic faiths, the work of the Old Testament prophet Elijah is identifiable by Christians worldwide, and also by Jews and Muslims. Elijah is known as Ilyas in The Koran. In 1 Kings 18 Elijah's tussle with the priests of Baal is on record, and it is in context that he can easily identify, clarify and discredit man's polytheistic strategies. By Christian witness, I can vouchsafe that he is right. 
  Freemasonry is the loosely disguised cult of the Canaanite god Baal and the female branch of Freemasonry is identical to the cult of Jezebel, wife of the Old Testament King Ahab. 
  Freemasonry - as the institutions, rites and practices of Freemasons is known - is an international fraternity of deists housed in Lodges. It maintains a smokescreen of misinformation, and engages in extensive criminal and speculative interconnections. It contains ambiguities that feed on the need for social prestige, brotherhood and self-importance. Freemasonry employs occultism and symbolic forms of idolatry, borrowed principally from the stone and cathedral Masons trade. 
  'Scottish Rite' Freemasonry originates near my hometown of Moffat. The 'Grand Lodge of Scotland of Ancient, Free and Accepted Freemasons' has its Headquarters at 96 George Street, Edinburgh, and it is a point of note that this same Grand Lodge is the one at the seat of 'Scottish Rite' Freemasonry which has spread its wings throughout the world. 
  For too long, the British Masonic empirical stock exchange has been aiming to oust the good old Scots customs of honesty and integrity. My grandfather knew that and so too did his immediate line. So do many others and, however dim-witted Masons may be when brain cells were arrayed in all their glory, satiated in the jungle juice of the snake venom which tries to give corruption a different face, the fiddlers rally is really not adept enough to keep its 'knocking shop', and slush pile to hush pile, criminalities covered. 
  It has been very active in that country town and the surrounding areas of Dumfries and Lockerbie, in the south west of Scotland. Hence the reasons for this book and hence the reason my great-great-grandfather, John Gibb Campbell left in stewardship a financial legacy and correct teaching, to the fourth generation of his female line. John was a master stonemason and sculptor in Glasgow. 
  That trust was to come to fruition in the fortieth year of that person. 
  That person is I, and this is the true story of why. 
  Chapter 2 
  Remain in me and I will remain in you.
  No branch can bear fruit by itself: it must remain in the vine.
  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.
   John 15:4 
  I was born 10 February 1947 

  End of book writing sample.
  Samples of Film script - sample 1 towards the end:
  Fully trained and armed Police drop their guns to the pavements and kneel where they are.
  In deep prayer they too will not be disturbed.
  In understanding, Eliza looks in awe and with deep respect
  Eliza’s visit is now becoming public and locals becoming more aware.
  They know of answer - not trouble.
  AL JAZEERA the Middle Eastern News Agency is contacted.
  Eliza and locals enjoy tea from plastic cups.
  A small child hands Eliza a palm full of pistachios
  Few words are required between Eliza and the Palace Chief of Staff
  The palace cat is black, shy and very feminine.
  The cat has a twist in the tail  
  Four roads lead out from this one of the seven mountaintop vistas to: Baghdad, Jerusalem, Damascus and the Via Nova - the Kings Highway
  En-route from AMMAN to HEATHROW.
  This journey proves as testimony to professional abilities of Jordanian people 
  Eliza wraps herself in her sleeping bag and sleeps overnight in the airport...
  Sample 2 - towards the end:
  Eliza spiritually throws off fetters, and centers.
  Her hand extends to others
  Clean and rich are the rich wild restless seas, where nature meets nurture and life is worth the living  
  Oceans and currents, tides and turning, pulling, and swaying.  
  Deep water and color. 
  Kelp forests pull and sway. 
  In gentle rain Eliza is on the beach.  Her feet are bare and she walks by the sea.  A yellow Labrador dog is with her and enjoys the water.  They are happy.
  The tide is turning.
  Ever changing grains of sand show how relatively small and insignificant we all are.  
  Eliza finds and picks up a small pearl. 
  The wind and waves are still.  THEY know. 
  Silence and calm.
  The dog leaves the water and shakes his coat. 
  Water drops show briefly Masonic faces in each one.
  The wind gives a single HOWL. 
  The water drops are swept and blown away
  Valleys, grass, green, snowdrops, and not so foggy dew
  EXT. HILLTOP - 2006 - DAY
  Eliza looks down to shipping lanes and dire straits.
  Ships with anchors weather storms
  Count Your Blessings
  Love your neighbors are yourselves
  THE LORD’S PRAYER, is sung softly and strongly by a mixed voice choir as 
  Credits are shown.
  Copyright Rosemary E. Whitelaw, 2005.  All rights reserved.

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