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While we're decades away from the era of advanced medical nanorobots, the creation of blood enhancers is a mainstream, going concern today.
the new finding of a specific regulator of the body's own anti-oxidant system could lead to more-effective treatments for a number of diseases, and might even retard some of the effects of aging.
php"Scientists generally concur that accumulated damage throughout the body due to free radicals is one important root cause of age-related degeneration - but the devil is in the details.
We know enough to get started - this is not a time for modest goals and conservatism.
phpSupporting the development and increasing professionalism of cryonics organizations is a sensible insurance policy for those interested in healthy life extension.
We'll be seeing much more in the years ahead. We all benefit from continuing progress, growth and professionalism of cryonics providers.
On the other hand, leaps in understanding come from challenges to the orthodoxy. Further, we present a possible hypothesis to reconcile energetic dysfunction, including mitochondria, and inflamm-aging.
Miniature technology and smart materials are also predicted to play a greater role in medicine, helping to repair damaged nerves and possibly broken spinal cords. php The resources exist to develop both lines of research in parallel, but those resources are not yet applied to the problem, and the lion's share of attention goes to slowing, not repairing. We now know which type of AGE is most common in aged human tissue, and every year it is easier and cheaper to design complex drugs for very specific tasks.
Two years into the study, the statistical results are optimistic. cfmDISCUSSIONThe highlights and headlines from the past week follow below.
Initial tests in the lab and in animals revealed that when the protoxin was injected into cancerous prostate tissue, it had a significant effect  Secondly, scientists can cost-effectively design and produce complex molecules - drugs - to interact precisely with cancer cells in a given fashion.
We're now drafting a follow-up to the Longevity Dividend calling for a paradigm shift in the way at which we look at aging and disease. We all benefit from continuing progress, growth and professionalism of cryonics providers.
It all comes down to not stepping on other people's namespaces and brands; carving out your own space and making your position very clear. NEW THOUGHTS ON CALORIE RESTRICTIONYou shouldn't miss the calorie restriction research that came to my attention in the past week. The viruses, called picornaviruses, infect more than a billion people worldwide each year - people contract two or three such infections per year on average. The manufactured substances, on the other hand, are one-trick ponies for oxygen delivery. From the Daily Telegraph: "new drugs and vaccines will soon emerge to tackle a range of cancers, while stem cells will help cure diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.
This means that we advocates have a great deal of work to do - as does anyone who wants to see a future of working healthy life extension medicine and far longer, healthier lives. Or are you talking about molecular manufacturing and the future production of goods, atom by atom?
One needs a certain amount of willful blindness to avoid seeing the process in action now and in recent history. With this new understanding comes the need to identify growth-promoting signals.
Our bodies are complex machines, and all the normal intuitions regarding machinery and slowly accumulated damage apply here too. The mission of the Foundation is to devise new approaches to combating and eventually reversing the diseases and debilities caused by aging.
NEW THOUGHTS ON CALORIE RESTRICTIONYou shouldn't miss the calorie restriction research that came to my attention in the past week.
The finding suggested that queen bees possess a cellular maintenance system that is not switched on in the worker bees. Fortunately, there are classes of chemical compound - drugs, in other words - that could break up the AGEs that are leading you part of the way towards age-related disease and eventual death. So it is with aging and the human body.
The fear that makes death attractive is that of living like the mythical Tithonus: becoming ever more frail and diseased with each passing year, but unable to die.
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