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Sob, 1 Wrz 2007, 12:17:24 UTC

mysle Boud ze to smutne ze obarczasz  warszawe za to co pisza poszczegolni ludzie na indymediach.
 czlowiek chce poprostu odwiedzic warszawe i porozmawaic z ludzmi, a ty mu sugerujesz ze warszawscy aktywisci maja rasistowskie zapedy i nie toleruja ludzi pocodzenia zydowskiego...

smutne i bulwersujace.

marta napisał(a):
> Widzę Boudzie, że nie omieszkasz podstawić nam nogi, gdy tylko nadarzy
> się
> okazja i teraz postanowiłeś utrudniać nam kontakty z osobami z zagranicy?
> W końcu tylko to ci zostało, jako że osoby nie władające językiem polskim
> nie są w stanie zweryfikować twoich rewelacji. A na miejscu, jak się
> okazuje, właściwie nikt ci już nie wierzy, włączając w to co aktywniejsze
> osoby z Torunia.
> m.
> hi rotem,
> On Sun, 26 Aug 2007, Rotem Mor wrote:
> > Dear Indymedia Poland activists.
> > My name is Rotem Mor, and I am 26 yrs old Israeli activist.
> >  I am writing you because I will be in the Warsaw area, for about a
> > week, from the 12th of September and would very much like to meet
> > up. I will be traveling with my family to the village of my
> > grandfather, Govorovo. My father is a native of Poland and grew up
> > there until he was ten.
> Will you come to Torun? It's about 2-3 hours from Warsaw by train:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torun
> Indymedia is gradually starting to reorganise less nationalistically
> here - we now have a city collective recognised by the network, IMC
> Torun,
> and some antiborder indymedia cooperation is happening.
> You'll see our website here:  https://torun.indymedia.org
> (There are also some editorial differences between IMC Poland and
> IMC Torun. On the IMC Poland website, the de facto editorial policy
> is to *not* hide comments such as the following:
>      zydzi do gazu ,tej swoloczy nie trawie poprostu, a znam ich ze
>      stanow dosc dobrze ,acha ( nie jestem rasista) ale ich to po prostu
>      zapakowal bym na statek wywiuzl na srodek pacyfiku i zrobil dziure
>      [rough translation:
>      Gas the Jews, I can't stand that rubbish, and i know them well
>      enough, aha (I'm not racist) but I would simply send them on a
>      boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and make a hole in it]
> even when they are posted under a centre column feature. In contrast,
> the IMC Torun editorial policy says that racist messages should be
> hidden (or wikified) and even though we have only recently organised
> as an autonomous collective (accepted into the network July 2007), so
> we haven't yet had people posting comments like this, i would be
> surprised if we have any controversy about hiding such comments on the
> IMC Torun website.)
> > A little bit about me: I was a soldier for a year (from Feb. 2000)
> > and a half until I refused and spent some time in prison for
> > it. After my release from the army I did alot of speaking about
> > refusal all over the world forr a year.
> > when I came back here I became very involved in the
> > Palestinian/Israeli/International movement against the Seperation
> > wall, organising actions and participating in demonstrations in
> > diffrent Palestinian villages.
> If you look at the themes/tags in the lefthand column of our website,
> you'll find that we do have a couple of articles (both happen to be
> bilingual english-polish) on issues you're involved in:
> https://torun.indymedia.org/3555
> i'm not sure how much you could do in Toru$Bq(B spending just e.g. a
> one-day or overnight return trip from Warsaw, but one of the major
> infotainment media organisations in Torun is an Israeli network called
> Cinema City, which recently built a cinema multiplex here which
> apparently forced one of the tiny handful of local cinemas to close
> down. So some sort of alternative media action might be useful.
> > I also set up seminars for youth who were contemplating their army
> > service, and guided a group f young refusers with the support of a
> > feminist group for the civilization of Israeli society called New
> > Profile (newprofile.org). I also founded an Alternative summer camp
> > for youth in which young Israelis get a chance to explore the
> > foundations of our society (socialy, politicaly, economicly,
> > ecologicly) and get involved in social change.
> > Nowadays I study Middle Eastern clasical music in Jerusalem and
> > continue to be involved in various social action, but on a smaller
> > scale. I am working to write a book to summerise my various
> > experiences of the past few years.
> > It would be lovely to meet activists from around the warsaw area
> > while I am there.
> > Please get in touch with me and let me know.
> > All the best,
> Let us know if you have time/would like to visit Torun :)
> (This is just an email written as an individual volunteer; i don't
> represent
> either IMC Poland or IMC Torun.)
> boud
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