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Manoj Kumar faceindia w gmail.com
Czw, 15 Sty 2009, 00:37:40 PST

To Whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam
It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce FACE. FACE( Fellowship
Association for Culture & Education) is a volunteer unit of East West
educational & Cultural Welfare
You will be glad to know that FACE is expanding everyday since its
foundation in 2006. It has set up partnership with many organizations
in the various countries. Recently European Union has granted our
project in association with our Hungary partner HVSF
Govt. of Gujarat Department of Education has regarded us as one of the
best student promoting organization in India. Journey does not stop
here UNESCO youth Korea has become our official partner.  Community
Govts of New Zealand and Australia have put the FACE in their
directory www.community.net.nz/sitemap.aspx - 629k ,
lists.community.net.nz/cna/?cat=3, some universities also have given
us space  and informed their students about FACE and its activities
But still FACE is a small organization . It is a grass root
organization and charging nominal  participation fees which include
accommodation, food and basic transportation.
There are many organization who just run their website and attract
people to join them and place them around the world  and You may know
these organization charging  a very high fee only for the placement.
 FACE provide best volunteering opportunities  in India on a very low cost.
We receive volunteers in groups as well as individual from many
countries we have project/work camps and a volunteer can choose and
select any  date and duration of work camp according to choice and
interests, skill and educational qualification.
 Our areas of volunteering are:
2.Social Welfare
4.Cultural Awareness
5.Health Care/Medicine
We perform our all projects themselves and with the help of other
organizations in India and abroad..

Recently, we have launched "INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP" it is a
School/college Exchange project which enables the students to have
knowledge, direct interaction with Indian schools educational systems
and school curriculum in this program we will receive students of
schools and colleges from abroad and will associate the students with
the schools/College in National Capital Region, New Delhi and other
parts of the country.

Hope to have strong cooperation from you.

If this mail does not belong to you or your department, kindly send it
to the concern department or person.

Yours truly
Manoj Kumar

Fellowship Association for Culture &Education
Run Under the aegis of
East West Educational &Cultural Welfare Society
Website: www.faceindia.org
E-mail: info w faceindia.org
2683 Sector-7 A , Faridabad NCR New Delhi
India -121004
Cell : +91 9891421660, 9953338493

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