[imc-proc-facil] Re: [New-imc] helping imc kenya

blicero blicero at ecn.org
Thu Mar 3 02:10:38 PST 2005

On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 04:20:58PM +0000, ana wrote:
> Hi 'newkenya',
> i have forwarded your post to newimc instead of to process, which is a
> list to make decisions.
> You need to update your information here:
> http://contact.indymedia.org/
> When you filled your application form, you must have received, 
> automatically, a username and password to fill the form. If you have 
> lost them because you did this a long time ago, you may need to email 
> the tech list...
> However anyone willing to help you would probably ask what software are
> you using, and where exactly are you hosting. I can't remember if you
> already have a website, sorry. If you do not, you need some server space
> to host it first! If you do have a website already, tell them the url
> and this might be a start.

they are hosted on ahimsa
their site is functional but their articles need to be regenerated

> If you are not too sure about all this I can help - Blicero looks a bit
> overworked and Clara is travelling at the moment. I can subscribe your
> newly acquired list with you (i hope you are already using it as a
> contact point!) and go step by step with this process with you. I am not
> techie, though, all I can do is guide you through the contacts.
> Let us know.
> ana

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