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thanks to all!

Onyango Oloo

> Dear all,
> IMC Kenya looks all ready to go. All documents are below. The deadline for
> questions and concerns is set for 25 February.
> love and solidarity
> clara
> --------------
>> Comrades:
>> People back at home are pretty excited about this. You cannot believe
> the amount of censorship currently prevailing. We are working with some
> very radical and progressive journals who are seeing story afte story
> killed and would really welncome and alternative to that.
>> So below is the document:
>> IndyMedia Kenya is a non-non-profit, democratic collective of Kenyan
> progressive independent media and social justice activists based in Kenya
> and other parts of the world.
>> Principles of Unity: IndyMedia Kenya
>> 1) We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and
> opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of
> the mainstream media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet
> distribution and any other communication medium;
>> 2) We support local, regional and global struggles against exploitation,
> oppression, discrimination,  and marginalization;
>> 3) We function as a non-profit, anti-imperialist collective.
>> 4) IndyMedia Kenya involves volunteer participants and allied
> collectives organized along anti-authoritarian principles of open and
> transparent decision-making processes, including open public meetings; a
> form of modified consensus; and the elimination of hierarchies.
>> 5) IndyMedia Kenya participants shall not act in a manner that
> endangers, intimidates, or physically harms any member of the group,
> including by sexual harassment, tribal hatred, racist attacks or any acts
> of violence. Indymedia members shall strive to act in a respectful manner
> to other members of the collective as well as the public;
>> 6) IndyMedia Kenya shall practice mutual respect, mutual benefit,
> consensus, consultation, and the independence and initiative of all
> persons and parties interested in joining or supporting it. No person or
> party or political belief shall arbitrarily impose its will on any or all
> the others;
>> 7) IndyMedia Kenya decisions are– by way of consensus and consultation;
> 8) IndyMedia Kenya is committed to the principle of human equality, and
> shall not discriminate, including discrimination based upon race,
> region, gender, age, class or sexual orientation. As such, it shall not
> act in a manner that endangers, intimidates, or physically harms any
> member of the group, including by sexual harassment or acts of violence
> IndyMedia Kenya strives  to act in a respectful manner to its members as
> well as the public.
>> Mission Statement
>> -To fight for a New Kenya in the context of the global contest for a New
> World based on equality, justice and non-exploitation;
>> -To cover Kenyan and other stories, events and happening that are
> censored, ignored or poorly covered by the mainstream media both locally
> and internationally;
>> -To provide edited audio, video, and print stories of the above on the
> internet for independent and alternative media outlets, Kenyans
> worldwide and the general international public;
>> -To facilitate the networking and coordination for the coverage of
> Kenyan stories and events as well as gather information about stories and
> events to cover.
>> To provide links to alternative media, activist, and research groups in
> Kenya and around the world;
>> -To seek out and provide coverage underscoring the global nature of
> people's struggles for social, economic, and environmental justice
> directly from their perspective;
>> -To offer community-based training and education for training in
> internet and media skills;
>> -To encourage, facilitate, and support the creation of independent and
> alternative progressive news gathering and organizations.
>> Get Involved
>> This is your independent media center. As an all-volunteer organization,
> we need you to get involved! Introduce yourself at our volunteer signup
> page and check our contact page for info on meetings and e-mail lists.
>> This was adapted from Manila and Perth Indymedia's editorial policy.
> Aims and Objectives
>> -To provide an open-publishing newswire in accordance with established
> Indymedia policies and philosophy.
>>  -To maintain the newswire and website as a space that welcomes members
> of
>> disempowered or marginalised groups.
>> -To acknowledge that words have the power to cause injury, but that
> instances of injurious speech or writing should also be seen as
>> opportunities for a critical or insurrectionary response.
>> -To preserve the quality of the website as a useful media resource.
> Newswire Protocol
>> IndyMedia Kenya hosts an open-publishing newswire. Members of the
> editorial collective regularly monitor the newswire, keeping their eyes
> open for particularly significant, informative contributions to add to the
> centre-column features section.
>> Open Publishing
>> Open publishing means that the process of creating news is transparent
> to readers. They can contribute a story and see it instantly appear in a
> pool of stories. Readers can see editorial decisions being made by others.
> They can see how to get involved and help make editorial
> decisions. If they can think of a better way for the software to help
> shape editorial decisions, they can copy the software because it is free
> and change it and start their own site.
>> Hiding Posts IndyMedia Kenya  Editorial Collective, in order to maintain
> the integrity of the newswire and the media commons it creates for our
> community of participants, may "hide" posts to the newswire when the
> content contravenes the guidelines that have been put in place (see
> below). All hidden posts (exceptions noted below) should be notified to
> the collective email list so that the Ed-collective has the chance to
> agree or disagree with the hiding of the post.
>> Notifiable Removals
>> Posts the author has requested be hidden.
>> Posts which are obviously incorrect or misleading. This includes
> attempts to spread disinformation or to impersonate another individual.
>> Posts that incite violence against disempowered members of the
> community. Threats to maim or kill.
>> Posts which publish identifying information without the individual's
> knowledge or consent. Posts which use language, imagery, or other forms of
> communication to promote racism,tribalism,  religious hatred,
> fascism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism etc., or any other form of
> discrimination. Abuse of others in the form of personal attacks.
> Indymedia is not a space for people to play out personal vendettas.
>> Pornography, but not sexually explicit satire.
>> Non-notifiable Removals
>> Unreadable formats for eg: photos posted as text / text only posts
> without relevance nonsense/flooding.
>> Duplicate/Repetitive posts.
>> Advertising of products or for-profit services.
>> Notification or cancellation of events. Please use the events calendar.
> These may be moved to appropriate wire.
>> Persistent nuisance posts to the newswire or comments sections. + Posts
> that are deemed to be devoid of content or analysis and appear to be
> published with the sole purpose of disruption.
>> If you don't agree with a decision...
>> We strive to make decisions in the most democratic, transparent and
> accountable manner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our
> policy or our practice, or would like to work with the Manila IMC, please
> contact us at
>> Copyright of Features and Articles
>> All posts made to the newswire are effectively covered by the principles
> of "COPYLEFT". The author retains the moral right to be recognised as the
> author of the article in question, but the article is free for
>> distribution for non-profit and educative purposes. Articles may be
> reproduced in full for any purpose and in any media provided the
> reproduction is subject to the same principles as laid out here, that is,
> the same representations of the COPYLEFT of the article must appear
> alongside the article.
>> Under no circumstances may articles or features from the IndyMedia Kenya
> site be reproduced in full in a fee-paying or for-profit medium.
> However, for-profit media may quote from articles or features in
> accordance with the "fair use" copyright principles.
>> We think stories contributed to this site should be free for non-profit
> re-use. Copy left is an idea central to indymedia (for more information,
> check out http://www.opencontent.org/). If you want to change that for
> your story, please give your conditions in the summary.
>> After stories have been published, they may be edited, linked or even
> deleted by the collective running this site. Please read our privacy and
> disclaimer statements.
>> --------
>> Question: A. How does the makeup of your collective reflect the
> diversity of the
>>> local community (e.g. in realtion to gender-, sexual-, spiritual-,
> and/or cultural-identity)?
>> Our group is very diverse. We have women and men. At the first annual
> IMC regional conference for Africa,  we were the ONLY  African group to
> send a woman as a delegate to Dakar. Grace Waita is at the forefront of
> coordinating things within the country. We have young people barely out of
> their teens as well as much older people with greying hair; We have
> atheists, Christians, Muslims, followers of traditional African
> religions and agnostics; We have socialists, anarchists, liberals,
> nationalists, social democrats and people from  across the PROGRESSIVE
> ideological spectrum; we have people from different parts of the country
> who come from a diversity of  ethnic and racial backgrounds; we have
> people who live inside the country and those who reside outside; we have
> people with university backgrounds as well as  primary school drop outs;
> in short  we think we meet this criterion very effectively.
>>> B. If your group currently does not represent the diversity of the
> local community, particularly in relation to groups who are
> underrepresented in mainstream society and denied access to vehicles of
> expression, what steps will be taken to address this on an ongoing basis?
>>> C. What steps will be taken to involve individuals in workfields new to
> them? What measures will be taken to overcome a gendered work division?
>> Grace Waita, one of our two delegates to Dakar is a relative newcomer to
> digital media activism and she learned a great deal from the IMC
> workshops in Senegal. We hav taken concrete steps to overcome a gendered
> work division by identifying it as one of the baggages in society that we
> must struggle and confront if we hope to  walk the talk. To say that we
> have overcome it would be a blatant lie. We have barely begun to work
> together as a cohesive unit and we believe that we will  confront these
> challenges around gendered work division as our group matures. Certainly
>> philosophically we come from  a place with  zero tolerance for  such
> sexist division of labour but we recognize the need to transcend empty and
> sanctimonius pronouncements.
>> In terms of communication, we are using a diversity of means to
> facilitate meetings and coordination since internet based communication
> has its own pitfalls in the  concrete Kenyan context.
>> I hope that this suffices for now.
>> Thanks Blicero once again.
>> Onyango Oloo
>> --------
>> IMC MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA - DRAFT Each IMC and Global Working Group is
> expected to:
>> a. Agree in spirit to the NIMC Mission Statement and Principles of
> Unity, (PrinciplesOfUnity) YES
>> b. Have a committed membership substantial enough to sustain a
> functional IMC, YES
>> c. Have open and public meetings (no one group can have exclusionary
> "ownership" of an IMC), YES
>> d. Work toward developing a local Mission Statement or Statement of
> Purpose. Network Mission Statement may be adopted or used on an interim
> basis, DONE
>> e. Establish and publish an editorial policy which is developed and
> functions through democratic process, and with full transparency, DONE
>> f. Agree to the use of Open Publishing as described in the NIMC
> Editorial Policy [editorial collective comments: "We did agree that the
> term "Open Publishing" was one that is still being defined by the Global
> Network Collective, and we would wait and see what the results were before
> rewriting this criteria], YES
>> g. Adopt a decision-making policy that is in alignment with consensus
> principles which include open, transparent and egalitarian processes,
>> h. Have a spokesperson(s) willing and capable of participating in the
> global decision-making process and meetings as a rotating
>> liaison/representative, with a clear understanding of the
> responsibilities that come with this role, DONE
>> i. Participate in the key IMC Network Communication Methods that pertain
> to the health and vitality of the Network and that contribute to the work
> of the IMC. Assure that at least one person from your local IMC
>> participates at any given time on the IMC-Communications list, YES j.
> (NOT FINALIZED): Have no official affiliation with any political
> party, state or candidate for office (comments: but individual producers
> have freedom to do whatever they like and local IMCs can "feature" stories
> about various political parties and initiatives), YES
>> k. IMCs shall in no way engage in commercial for-profit enterprises. [We
> could add: The IMCN is committed to the decommercialization of
> information and will disassociate from any local IMC that decides to
> become a for profit media corporation.] AGREED
>> l. Display a ³local version² of the IMC ³i² logo on your website and
> literature. YES
>> m. Include the IMC Network current ³Cities List² on your site,
> preferably on the front page.
>> about techie- perhaps you can communicate directly with me for the time
> being for two reasons;
>> 1. i am getting trained so that i could be one of several;
>> 2. we have two people(still relatively new to our group- one in britain
> and one in the states and for the time being they just wanted to us to
> involve them on as needed basis so we prefer to consult with them only
> when we need to;
>> Oloo
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>> ciao
>> blicero
>>  --- ho reagito male --- bill (killed in 2 volumes)
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