[Imc-communication] Re: [IMC-Process] SUMMARY: Belgium Discussion

clara clara at ifrik.org
Tue Jun 14 03:18:11 PDT 2005

dear andres,

1) imc-process has an open list where facilitation issues are discussed.
It is not private, so your claims are without factual basis. If you want
to discuss such issues you are welcome to join that list. The summary of
the imc-germany proposal was put forward and discussed on that list.

2) As faicilitators, we summarized the reactions to the proposal that
was made by imc germany. It is not our task to make new proposals, but
to facilitate for example by summarizing, and keeping track of proposals
and deadlines.

3) Currently there is no spanish speaker in the faciliation team. A
spanish translation would be good to have, but I would consider it the
responsibility of spanish speakers from within the indymedia network to
provide a translation. (Unless you want a cryptic bablefish translation)
All we can do is ask spanish speakers for translations, and we did that
by pointing it out when it was discussed on the facilitation list, when
it was posted on imc-process, and when it was put up for translation on
the translation tool.
It is not our responsibility if German and French speakers find it
relevant to provide translations, but spanish speakers don't.

I hope that answers your concerns.
love and solidarity

as one of the facilitators of imc-process

andrés wrote:
> [es] Observamos que un aparentemente auto-elegido "equipo de
> facilitación de imc-process", al parecer a escóndidas, sin consultar con
> nadie fuera del cabal, ha debatido y ha confeccionado este documento
> X-Archived-At:
> http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/mmid/imc-process/2005-0609-ex
> que parece incluir al final un ultimatum (ver debajo).
> Y llamamos la atención al hecho de que el referido equipo no se ha
> molestado a currar traducción alguna y que todavía, hasta la fecha,
> carecemos de traducción al español (castellano), aunque otros nos han
> ofrecido traducciones al alemán y al francés.
> http://translations.indymedia.org/Translations/1118276363/index_html
> Tal vez, luego, deben formular y presentar una PROPUESTA de manera más
> formal.
> [en] We observe that an apparently self-selected
> "imc-process-facilitation team", in private, it seems, without
> consulting with anyone outside the inner circle, has debated and has put
> togther this document
> X-Archived-At:
> http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/mmid/imc-process/2005-0609-ex
> which seems to include at the end an ultimatum (see below).
> And we call attention to the fact that the referred-to process team has
> not bothered to work on any kind of translation and that still, to this
> date, we do not have available a translation in (castillian) spanish -
> although others have offered translations in German and French.
> http://translations.indymedia.org/Translations/1118276363/index_html
> Maybe, soon, a more formal PROPOSAL should be formulated and presented.
> GarconDuMonde dijo el 09/06/2005 1:21:
>> ******************
>> This was a complex debate involving several proposals and
>> counter-proposals.  In order to ensure clarity and that we have fairly
>> summarised the debate, we suggest that any major omissions or
>> clarifications should be made within 48 hours of the first translation
>> being posted, otherwise the decision described above will take effect.
>> On behalf of the imc-process-facilitation team,

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