[IMC-Process] revising the current about section

Daniel Wight drone4four at gmail.com
Thu May 26 12:40:23 PDT 2005

Hello ppl, 

 regarding the e-mail sent by gdm months ago (
I suspect s/he was alluding to my inappropriate entrance at around x-mas 
time (found here: 
my initial proposal at this point I can laugh at given what I have learned 
much since then based on relationships I have developed here at 
irc.indymedia.org <http://irc.indymedia.org>. 

 I especially appreciate clara's patience and the background she has 
provided me. Specifically, I now know the about section should reflect the 
interests of as many individual collectives as possible. In this way, myself 
and Quinten have adapted my initial about section radically. Please see 
http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/AboutIndyRevised for the new proposed 
global about section. 

 And so you people know, my local IMC (which is pretty inactive and I think 
doesn't even meet in RL) website is down:
. Instead, the pseudo IMC I am most actively involved exists on 
irc.indymedia.org <http://irc.indymedia.org> @ #Blag or at 
http://www.blagblagblag.org/. à I am about to abandon Microsoft for Linux 

 About my motives: My motivation for suggesting to revise the current about 
section was and remains the same: around December, I wanted to know what 
indymedia was all about. Upon reading the first 2 sentences I was like: 
"wtf??". To add to this confusion, it took me a while to reach what should 
have been obviously been made accessible on the about section page: the irc 
network address. Therefore, my role is not as an outsider to tell indymedia 
and all the collectives what they are about. Instead my role is merely to 
act as a catalyst to generate discussion among the #features community to 
make more clear what indymedia is all about. 

 I wait anxiously for your feedback... 

 Daniel "Drone4four" Wight
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