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Submitted by: Jack <mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net> on Friday, December 10th, 2010 @ 4:32:38 am (-0800)

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indymedia.org.uk, www.indymedia.org.uk and uk.indymedia.org 

indymedia.org.uk, www.indymedia.org.uk and uk.indymedia.org 



United Kingdom


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Oxford IMC and Sheffield IMC have expressed support for this application. We hope to add more groups (outside of Indymedia) in due course.

We already do participate in the Indymedia Network; all of our present members have been Indymedia volunteers for several years. However we have never gone through the new-imc process, because when our site began, there was no such process. We believe it will strengthen our collective to go through the process. Also, since most other collectives in this region have gone through the process, our present condition is an anomaly.

As the UK Network has changed over the years, a number of groups have spawned off from the UK site and set up their own sites. This has resulted in a gradual deterioration in the organisation of the collective that maintains the UK newswire and features, to the point that its membership criteria are not transparent and there is no proper process for consensus decision-making. At one time the site was maintained by members of most collectives in the UK Network; this is no longer the case. It is important that the UK site be maintained by a properly constituted collective that has regular open meetings and transparent membership, and this application is being made in pursuit of that goal.

We use and help administer the Mir server called Traven, and our members made a significant contribution to the purchase price of that server. Traven is shared by many Mir collectives around the world. Our bandwidth is purchased from Riseup. We have an established network of mirrors. A number of us are capable of administering a Linux server.

Our group is not nearly as diverse as we would like. We are geographically scattered, and we recognise that we face challenges in terms of outreach. However, we hope that once our collective is properly constituted we will be in a better position to recruit and support new members.

Many marginalised groups and individuals have engaged with our newswire over the years. Some of them have also written features for our middle column and our topic subpages. We will invite these groups and individuals to our mailing list with a view to meeting physically as part of our ongoing outreach.

Members of the collective will be promoting the newswire and the IMC UK site and the IMC UK Network in their local communities. To improve inclusivity, collective members will commit to outreach work with interested parties both within and outside of their local area.

We intend to make the site work better for people using mobile devices. 

We are from a variety of backgrounds, but do not reflect the cultural, sexual and spiritual diversity of the general population. We have members from Wales, Scotland and England.

Our collective uses open mailing lists and public meetings for organising. We intend to try to organise public events such as film screenings to accompany our public meetings, and hope by this means to draw diverse groups of people into our activities. We intend to hold our public meetings in a different city or town each time. We aim to encourage minority groups to use our site to publish their news and we will offer support to enable them to do this.

We aim to extend the involvement of marginalised groups through collaboration on features, inviting groups to meetings, and outreach at events and protests on an ongoing basis.

We plan to have skill-sharing sessions where there will be the opportunity for existing and new members to learn new skills. We intend to work collectively on aspects of writing, site maintenance etc., enabling less experienced members to participate in the work of the collective in a supportive environment. We hope to be able to offer of one-to-one 'buddying' by women members of the collective for new women joining, to encourage them to learn new skills, especially technical skills.


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