[IMC-Process] Lists with long queue

Colectivo Rosario - Indymedia Argentina rosario at riseup.net
Sun Apr 17 18:43:33 PDT 2011

Hi, Bou, maybe you remember that about two months ago we were dealing with
some of our lists with this problem. It seems that are some other lists
that we didn't check or even remember!

You said: "At the moment there seem to be two Argentinian lists with more
than 2000 emails in the moderation queue, two lists with more than 400
emails and two with more than 200"

Please, point us wich lists are those and we'll try to fix it.

Also, some of the websites temporaly down seems to be Sucre, Paris,
Barcelona, Argentina, one of the websites of Chile, part of the
functionality of the website of Brasil... I dont have a complete list.
Today we had a meeting in IRC with a lot of activists of various IMC's and
we are working to fix it, also.

Un abrazo


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