[Imc-research] Intro from Bine Maya

Sheri Madrone sheri at speakeasy.org
Sat Oct 15 20:14:27 PDT 2005

Welcome Bine Maya!

> Hi IMC researchers,
> I belong to IMC japan and am an alternative media researcher active in
> several global research/activism networks. Currently, I'm working on a
> project with Lisa Brooten, who pointed me to this list. In my PhD, I'm
> working on media theory tools for policy intervention. In regards  
> to IMC
> research, I'm currently working on gender, English-language  
> dominance &
> language barriers and other issues of power.
> I'm also interested in
> * the concept of the commons (applied to IMC by Dorothy Kidd), and
> * the underdiscussed issues of bio-ecology in progressive  
> communications
> (from tech-garbage, mining and power production to the connection  
> between
> mental and environmental pollution).
> Look forward to being part of this list.
> Yours,
> Bine Maya
> PS: For reasons of privacy, I'd rather not give my real name, URLs and
> institutional details in a publicly archived discussion. But I'd be  
> very
> happy to correspond with any of you personally.
> On 8/4/05 3:07, "sheri at speakeasy.org" <sheri at speakeasy.net> wrote:
>> hi,
>> thanks for subscribing to imc-research.  we want this list to be a  
>> place for
>> dialogue, discussion, and collective reflection and strategizing  
>> about
>> indymedia.  in order for the list to be effective, we ask that  
>> people submit
>> an introduction.  if you can please let us know: what imc you  
>> belong to, your
>> particular interest in joining the list, and anything else you  
>> think relevant,
>> please send that to me or to imc-research and i will then approve  
>> your
>> subscription.
>> thanks again!
>> Sheri

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