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Wed Dec 12 13:24:10 PST 2007

Greetings, IndyMedia friends!

Sorry to send out a bulk, not-so-personal email, but I figured it would 
be easiest to let you all know what's been going on, and then I'd be 
glad to exchange personal, individual emails afterwards.

My name is Richard, and I'm the point person for the web committee of 
the Northeast Anarchist Network. One of the things I've been working on 
personally is syndicating content from all of the IndyMedias in the 
Northeast (including eastern Canada, and as far south as DC so far), and 
linking to all on the website.

See the syndication here: http://neanarchist.net/?q=news/imc_northeast

I'm emailing you all to let you know about the website and the listing 
of Northeast IndyMedia content; to see if any of you can help in getting 
in touch with other IndyMedias as listed below; and to check with those 
for which I've had trouble finding a functional feed.

*IndyMedias currently syndicated:*
Maine, New Hampshire, Boston, Western MA, Rochester, Hudson Mohawk (no 
items), Philly, New Jersey (no items), Pittsburgh, Quebec, London ON, 
Thunder Bay ON (no items), Ottawa (no items), Washington DC

*Functional IndyMedias that I have not been able to find a feed for (or 
the feed I found is broken):*
NYC, Buffalo NY, Worcester, Hamilton ON, Ontario

*IndyMedias I've had trouble finding contact info for:*
Worcester, Western MA, Quebec, London ON, Hamilton ON, Ontario, New Jersey

*IndyMedias that seem to be down:*
Danbury CT, Vermont, Ithaca NY, Binghamton NY, Montreal

Thank you all,

Richard Vallejo
Syracuse, NY
Website Committee, Northeast Anarchist Network

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