[imc-rochester] 12/6: "Shelter: a squatumentary" is coming to Rochester!

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Sat Nov 22 22:48:36 PST 2008

What: Screening of the documentary “Shelter: a squatumentary” with critical discussion to follow
When: Sat., Dec. 6th @ 6:30PM
Where: St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality (402 South Ave.)
Suggested Donation: $3 (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Special Guest: Hannah Dobbz

Hannah Dobbz, the director of “Shelter: a squatumentary,” will be in Rochester on December 6th to present her film and lead a critical discussion about squatting in the US. For more information, check out the website: www.killnormal.com/shelter/

Shelter: a Squatumentary - 45 min. (2008)
By Hannah E. Dobbz

With universally skyrocketing property values, rent and home-ownership have become unaffordable at best and impossible at worst. Thus, people all over the world continue a long tradition of circumventing the expensive price tag and reclaiming this basic human right by squatting. Shelter: a Squatumentary is a documentary film that explores the squatting movement in the East Bay from 2004 to 2007. We follow three examples of the struggle for housing in an unaffordable marketplace such as the San Francisco Bay Area. Hellarity House, Banana House, and Power Machine are stories of squatters who have found one tentative solution to the ongoing housing crisis

Hannah E. Dobbz is a freelance writer, editor, and filmmaker. She has spent countless hours working with the Fault Lines editorial collective and Indymedia in San Francisco, and she appeared on the “Indymedia is Not Dead” panel at this year’s Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Her articles have been published in Fault Lines and Maximum Rock ‘n Roll, with topics surrounding activism, squatting, DIY, and punk.

Hannah has also written a ‘zine about her experiences squatting called Power Machine: A Lengthy Discourse on the Nature of Squatting (which is not particularly lengthy at all). In 2004 she compiled a ‘zine called The Miami Model: A Guide Surrounding the Events of the FTAA Ministerial.

The long-time Bay Area resident now lives in Buffalo, New York.

This event is sponsored by Rochester Indymedia (Rochester.Indymedia.org). 


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