[Imc-romania] Alegerile trucate in Ucraina

Pascut Nairda pascutn_pnairda at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 24 23:42:53 PST 2004

 Now Ukraine is having a hard time. The second round
of the president election between the actual prime
minister Victor Yanukivych and the opposition
candidate Victor Yushchenko has taken place on
November 21. The authorities had announced that their
candidate has won but the opposition blamed the
authorities for lots of falsifications to steal the
win from the opposition candidate. The opposition has
appealed to the people to go out to protest. Now
peaceful meetings and mass demonstrations of many
hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) people are
going on in Kyiv continuously. The same situation on a
lesser scale is in many other Ukrainian cities and
 Now there is an apparent threat that the authorities
will resort to force against the peaceful people. The
most dangerous thing is that our neighbour Russia has
interfered in the conflict to help the Ukrainian
authorities. Their special troops are coming to
Ukraine secretly and dressing up there in Ukrainian
regimentals. Also, there is an information that the
authorities are raising troops from criminals and
bring them to Kyiv to fight the peaceful

Mai mult de atata nu se poate spune
(sursa o doamna din Ucraina)

Pascut Adrian :)
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