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This week's calendar is being published later than usual due to summer
vacations, etc.
This calendar is a service provided by People for Peace and Justice of Utah
<file://www.utahpeace.org/> www.utahpeace.org - With these activities every

Weekly sidewalk vigil:
Thursdays, 5-7 pm Federal Building, 125 South State Street, SLC Bring signs!
(Some signs provided)  

Weekly public meeting Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. 

Jubilee Center Library - 300 East 100 South
 <file://www.utahpeace.org/> www.utahpeace.org
tlk at utahpeace.org

Please visit  <http://www.my.calendars.net/peace_calendar>
http://www.my.calendars.net/peace_calendar to view events happening in our
You can access community activist calendars at Utah Activist Calendar:
<http://cal.uarc.com/display.pl> http://cal.uarc.com/display.pl There is
also a Community Calendar at:

Have a great week!

(Please send questions to  <mailto:tlk at utahpeace.org> tlk at utahpeace.org)

Announcements and Highlighted Events:

Register to vote online: -

Tuesday, August 17 (TODAY)
Interfaith Prayer Vigil
Join us on your commute from work for a half hour interfaith prayer vigil
for peace at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 670 So. 1100 East. Contact:
dee.rowland at dioslc.org
Wednesday, August 18
Amnesty International, Salt Lake Chapter, Meeting
Salt Lake City Library Sweet Branch 445 More info at www.amnestyutah.org 

Friday, August 20
Don't Amend Alliance Invites you to :

Art Against Amendment 3
A special evening & auction featuring local artists
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Karrick Building, 1st Floor
236 South Main Street
$10 Contribution at the door

Featured artists include:

Trevor Southey  -  Steven Sheffield
Sandee Parsons  -  Karen Brinkerhoff
JoNell Evans  -  Schelleigh Stott
Christina Schmidt  -  Greg Ragland
and others as confirmed
For information, call Mike at (801) 746-1314

Friday, August 27

Critical Mass Bicycle Ride!
Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City
Critical Mass is a bicycle ride celebrated worldwide the last Friday of
every month.
Everyone has their own reasons for riding; some see it as a protest of cars,
most just do it for fun finding it exhilirating to ride with 50-100 fellow
info at slccriticalmass.org. 


I am a volunteer who puts out this calendar. I am an excellent speller
and**very** fast typist, with my mind often thinking faster than my fingers!
Please forgive any overlooked misspellings, typos, etc. Spell-check is not
part of my routine, except when writing formal letters and creating pages on
the website. Even then, spell-check and grammar check do not catch
everything. If you send this calendar on to other folks, please check for
such errors and correct them if needed.

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