[IMC-Satellite] Newsreal Archive Encoding

Ethan Crawford hazmat at ethang.org
Sun Apr 24 12:17:53 PDT 2005

Thanks to everybody who made contact for the Newsreal roll-call, those 
who haven't yet, please tell us who you are, and describe your interest 
in helping the network grow.

I feel that the most pressing task is to get the Newsreal archives 
available online. We should agree on a few encoding methods and get 
those videos posted and linked on the Newsreal site ASAP.

Mark- How many of the tapes do you have? Can you concentrate on encoding 
the past shows so we can get a complete archive?

Tony has volunteered to encode future programs, so maybe we should split 
those two tasks since they're going to be time-consuming. How does that 

Regarding encoding methods - can we get some video techs to speak up on 
the most usable formats? I'd suggest posting at least two different 
versions, a full-broadcast version and a smaller web streaming version.
Should we offer those in .mov, .rm, .avi or another format?

Here are some ideas on the forefront of video publishing:
Bittorrent is a powerful new protocol for distributing files, and I 
think it would be useful to encode and offer our programs in this format 
for broad distribution.  (http://www.bittorrent.com/protocol.html)

Blog Torrent is a publishing forum that utilizes Bittorrent, but makes 
it even easier for the end user. (http://www.blogtorrent.com/)

We could set these up and provide documentation for both producers and 
consumers of our program. Any thoughts on that? If you have any 
experience with these, could you describe how it worked for you?

Lotus suggested a good idea on streamlining the segment submission 
process, such as having online submission forms where producers could 
submit their segment information (and hopefully upload their content or 
send a link to it).   I think that's a great idea, if there's no 
objection I say let's move on that. Lotus can you offer a time line of 
how & when we could start implementing that?

What am I forgetting or ignoring? Please speak up with your ideas and 
suggestions, thanks.


Ethan Crawford
hazmat at ethang.org

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