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Santa Cruz Indymedia Update For Friday September 28th 2007

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* Upcoming Events
* Student and Worker Solidarity Kicks Off School Year at UCSC
* UAW Files Charges Against UC Administration, Will Strike if Necessary
* "Making a Killing in Iraq" comes to Santa Cruz - in more ways than one
* Where is the UCSC money going?



September 29th 12:00 PM: WAMMfest IV (Concert/Show)

October  1st  7:30 PM: "Slouching from Jerusalem: From Le Chambon to Oradour, reflections on a summer's journey" (Speaker)

October  2nd  7:00 PM: Raging Grannies Book Signing

October  4th  7:30 PM: "Ethics, Victimhood, and Power" a discussion (Panel Discussion)

October  5th  4:00 PM: Peace and Unity organizing meeting

October 11th  7:00 PM: Lecture by David Montgomery, "American Labor and Imperialism: Friends or Foes?"

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Student and Worker Solidarity Kicks Off School Year at UCSC
AFSMCE Workers and Students Hold Rally on First Day of Fall Quarter

On September 27th, the first day of UCSC's Fall quarter, service workers organized with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299 initiated an informational picket in the Baytree Plaza demanding a fair labor contract. Workers, some with their families, were joined by student allies for a rally to send a strong message to UC administration that AFSCME, the Student Worker Coalition for Justice and graduate students organized with UAW Local 2865 are united in demanding that UC prioritize workers, students and their families. 

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UAW Files Charges Against UC Administration, Will Strike if Necessary
Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed Against University of California

United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 2865, the Union representing over 12,000 Teaching Assistants, Tutors, and Readers throughout the University of California (UC) system, is in the process of filing dozens of unfair labor practice (ULPs) charges against the UC. The Union may call a strike over these ULPs if the charges are not resolved and agreement reached by the expiration of the current contract, September 30th. UAW 2865 recently released a public statement which had over 6,500 signatures from members.

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"Making a Killing in Iraq" comes to Santa Cruz - in more ways than one
Review of the San Francisco Mime Troupe performance, "Making A Killing In Iraq"

The San Francisco Mime Troupe performed Making a Killing, Building A New Iraq on September 23rd, but the topic of questionable government contracting reaches all the way from Afghanistan to Santa Cruz, in the form of city contractor Camp Dresser Mckee.

In Santa Cruz, Camp Dresser Mckee is the recipient of a $4 million city contract for the construction of the pilot desalination project being built in partnership with the University of Santa Cruz at the Long Marine Lab. The City Council has pushed this project through with minimal public input, with all votes taking place during the 3 pm consent agenda, and so far no Councilmember has agreed to place a discussion of CDM's practices in Afghanistan and New Orleans on their public agenda, despite numerous requests. The contract was awarded to CDM after four bids were presented, in a decision made by Bill Kocher and Linette Almond of the Santa Cruz Water Department and Laura Brown and Terry Tompkins of the Soquel Creek Water District, which was approved by City Manager Richard Wilson and ratified by a unanimous vote of the Santa Cruz City Council on Nov 8, 2005. In their official meeting minutes, the city claimed that Camp Dresser Mckee was a local company based in Walnut Creek!

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Where is the UCSC money going?
6,154 UAW members publicly call on UC to bargain a fair contract by 9/30

Ike Solem comments, "Let me point out here that the University has proposed to set aside $70 million for a new "Biomedical Research Facility" [at UC Santa Cruz] for the year 2007-2008.

This facility is unlikely to do much for undergraduate research, and represents a continuation of the ongoing corporatization of the University of California. The research done there will undoubtedly be done for the benefit of private pharmaceutical corporations, a theme that is already quite common in the Chemistry Department. As an ex-PhD student in the UCSC Chemistry Department (2000-2002), and the recipient of an NSF Graduate Student Fellowship in Microbiology, I have a good idea of what I'm talking about.

This new facility is a major part of the planned expansion of the University, but it will play no role in furthering undergraduate education. The City of Santa Cruz and the voting public in the region opposes this expansion, which the UC administrators are trying to justify as 'required under California law'. Their argument is that they are required to provide education for the growing number of students in California.

However, despite all the renovation on campus, organic chemistry labs (which I TAed 8 times) are still taught in the same decrepit 70's era labs in Thimann. The university expansion has not benefited students, but rather is just another step in the ongoing corporatization of the University. Not only that, but the new patent-obsessed atmosphere of university research hinders the free exchange of ideas, and creates a secretive environment that all too frequently can lead to a lack of scientific integrity in research." 

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