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Santa Cruz Indymedia Update For Friday January 23rd 2009

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* Upcoming Events
* Detailed Information on New Santa Cruz Downtown Ordinances
* Obama Inauguration Celebration Santa Cruz Style
* Santa Cruz Demonstration for Gaza
* FIOB Opens Office in Greenfield, CA



January 24th 12:00 PM: Free Skool Picnic

January 25th 11:00 AM: Running a Free Skool Workshop

January 26th  6:00 PM: Labor Film Festival

January 27th  3:00 PM: Fair Contract NOW! Picket

January 28th  7:00 PM: Labor Solidarity Teach-In

January 30th  7:00 PM: What is the Future of Local Food?

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Detailed Information on New Santa Cruz Downtown Ordinances
New and Expanded Police Measures Planned for Santa Cruz' Downtown and Business District

On Tuesday, January 27th, at 7:00pm, the Santa Cruz City Council will consider recommendations by Mayor Cynthia Mathews and Councilmembers Lynn Robinson and Ryan Coonerty to make Santa Cruz’ downtown and beach area "more safe, vibrant and welcoming for community members and visitors alike. This effort will improve and expand existing ordinances in order to make them consistent, understandable and enforceable; other programs will address specific issues."

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Obama Inauguration Celebration Santa Cruz Style

Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo writes, "A cynical summary: On Tuesday Jan. 20th 2009, aka Inauguration Day, the newly sworn in Citizens in Chief's of the peoples republik celebrated the installation of the latest in a long series of puppets and front men for gangster capitalism aka de'mock'cracy Amerikkkan style. Although the day remains historic in the history of race relations in this nation, and for many this is an important victory in the civil and political rights struggle, it remains to be seen how much change really lies ahead despite all the rhetoric from this young president. While this commentator believes Prez Obama has more or less good intentions, the system he rose to power in is rotten to the core and will hinder his ability to deliver on his many promises."

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Santa Cruz Demonstration for Gaza

About 150 people gathered at the town clock in Santa Cruz on January 9th in a hastily planned rally to oppose the war on Gaza and to call for a political settlement that honors the human rights of all people involved.

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FIOB Opens Office in Greenfield, CA

01/12/09: On December 18, members of the  Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations (FIOB) in the city of Greenfield, California opened a new office in the city to meet the requests of the indigenous migrant community in this area. The grand opening is doubly symbolic because International Day of the Migrant is celebrated on this day.

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