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      This was sent to the participants in the meeting but is shared with the full list - all input & views welcome...

  Please add in comments / changes / omissions / also add in or pass on to anyone else who should be included on this email list. 
  INC minutes 4/11/05

  Present: Leigh, Michael C, Chris, Ulla, Mike, Mike, Jo, Kevin
  Added in: Eric Anderson 
Aims of the Newsletter:

  It is not aimed at activists, it is aimed beyond the current users to draw in other new people.
It was also felt that it should be a space for some 'hope beyond negativity', and some positive examples of action should be covered.
The others aims were to publicise the web site, to raise the profile of Indymedia Scotland.
  It was agreed that the articles need to to be readable, relevant and useful beyond the first few weeks of the publication.

  It was agreed that part of this (readability) can be achieved through presentation and structure and layout of the publication but that editing and working with contributors was also needed. 

Features can be broken into sectins for layout/boxing out facts / arguments.
Four columns or regulars were discussed: Pish (featuring local council corruption/injustices/ housing stock etc), to be collated by Michael C, International (featuring, er, international stuff) to be collated by Edinburgh Mike, and that John Bowden should be asked to do a Prisons section (he's currently in Saughton and did some work for FRFI). A regular Anti-Military/Peace action piece to be collated by Glasgow Mike. 
  Other article ideas were as follows (please follow-up if your name is assigned to this)
Dalkeith Country park (Jo)
No Borders Update (Michael C)
Zapatista Solidarity (Mike V)
Indy media, local radio / alt media / vlogging / superflex etc (Leigh)
'Young People' - Camcorder G's - Charlotte 
  Govanhill Youth Project
Pilton Video project etc (Jo, Ulla)
Public Space / Amicus Pensions etc (Leigh)
We were going to ask outgoing members of Counter Information if we could use the remaing funds from old CI fund. (Edinburgh Mike to follow this up).
  Also we were going to puruse the idea of solidarity banners, and create guidelines for this (see Leighs previous email)
Estimated costs of each issue at about £400 for 5000 copies (8 pages) based on similar structure as G8 special, with slightly more tabloid style 

  It was also agreed that we needed to publish on Indymedia a launching 'Open letter' which we'd alo post out as widely as possible.
Next Meeting:
  Friday 2nd December, Chalkboard, Georges X
Editorial Deadline:
  14th January 06
  Launch date:
  25th January 06


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