[imc-scotland-discussion] Solution for the server problem

Mike Small product2000 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 13 03:12:57 PST 2006

Hi SB.
well I think we all agree that the priority is to get the site back up. So 
let's put the debate about the old site on the back-burner and discuss 
later. I must say I also found the compromise extremely unsatisfactory but 
can agree with you that we should:

"Lets get on with promoting  the site at scotland.indymedia.org  and 
building collective

>From the minutes of the last meeting the server was discussed  we agreed to 
move to MJZ  after much discussion. I'm not sure why that didnt happen - if 
you have been too busy SB I totally understand.

I'd suggest we move for that agreed move asap with SB and LA working on it.

The question is how quickly can we do that and doi we have to move to 
temporary server first?

Jus unloaded INC off lorry from Ireland.



>From: "%20Bunny" <lists at j12.org>
>To: imc-scotland-discussion at lists.indymedia.org
>Subject: Re: [imc-scotland-discussion] Solution for the server problem
>Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 07:56:03 +0000
>As I said at last meeting I attended (which was one before last) and I
>though on this list, I have found good offer of hosting with MJZ (
>http://mjzhosting.net/  ) . MJZ is very egar to help. In fact he has
>been badgering me by email about moving forward on using his hosting for
>this and other projects. He recently granted me full access to be able
>to set up accounts and change setup on his machine but of course we
>agreed good for me to pass by him what I do, but this is to give me
>confidence of not been reliant on him for root access changes as we were
>with ibiblio.
>But I have not found time to move forward with taking up offer and also
>when I looked this weekend found I need to learn how to use some thing
>particular to these servers and don't want to rush that. I have had very
>little time for online projects in recent months, behind with plans for
>But if some gets together with me that can always put forward a project
>with a web jam session. I try to up in Infoseed every Monday between
>6-7pm. And Sundays are good day to catch me at home.
>If LA wish to reset up site soon on hosting he has access to hen I can
>point LA to where he can grab copy of last db dump we have. But after
>resetting up audit needs doing of admin and editor users and any unknown
>to us removing plus all passwords reset. As I suspect the machine may
>have been compromised before that backup taken. Maybe compare with
>previous backups. A recently security flaw has been discovered in
>default install of Dadaimc. Ask on dadaimc list (sign up via
>http://dadaimc.org ) to be sent info on how to secure against it.
>Harry has access to backup on ibiblio which has backup of all usermedia,
>as well as me, to rsync over to new site. Note it is a few Gigs now.
>Note to LA the domain name as well as other stuff that is server
>specific is server setup is recorded inn db itself as well as config
>file which I think is bad design as makes move   to new servers hard. To
>make life easier I would choose name of db, dbuser and dbuserpassword
>the same as at present ie what is in db so don't have to change these
>values in backup before injection. Also maybe idea to point domain to
>new server straight away. When asking indymedia dns people to do this I
>would point them to archive of posts of discussion here and posting
>concerning new hosting if that is what is gone for on this list to save
>time them verifying your involvement in indymedia. Note it was Harry
>failing to change db name in db database when changed db host on ibiblio
>that lead to an upgrades db changes being performed on old db and then
>when switch back to new db we had mismatched upgrade which may have been
>cause of several problems we had with with in later months on ibiblio.
>Note to Harry back up is not in same place vhost was pointing to but
>another directory, and not as back up it has many media files that
>removed from live site, such as spam audio music files. Use stats of
>fires t weeks of new site up tom removed these, or do manually as I did
>most that need removing easy to spot.
>Be carefull with that back up scotindy/dadaimc filesystem, don't delete
>any files from it, only from copies of it. Feel free to rsync elsewhere
>such to home computer etc.
>I found our experience with ibiblio to be problematic. We have many
>problems due to their unique server setup. The reason with site was
>moved to host we just lost was because it was down for a bit on ibiblio
>after they made changes that did not recognise changes to behavior of
>apache in our .htaccess file (I suspect) it was easier for me to reset
>up somewhere else than try get this sorted indirectly. Also resetting up
>elsewhere sorted the problem we had with comment having to be suspended
>due to span as captch was not working on ibiblio. If Harry was to reset
>up on ibiblio as min I would say we should have a fresh database set up
>and a spare, and the ability to drop tables on it which did not on other
>one, which cause upgrade problems and prevented sorting them out easily.
>AB should have know better than to raise issue of the scotland
>subsection on imcuk as this issue has proved divisive in past, and I
>only wish to be reopened with care as part of clear in the round debate.
>There is just a big gap between members of the collective on attitudes
>to that subsection. A while ago a compromise was agreed that does not
>satisfy anyone totally but that is nature of a compromise, the only way
>for one side of debate to be totally satisfied is to have total defeat
>of other on the issue, this is not a heathly thing especially in a
>collective such as indymedia scotland. Now I think the compromise by me
>and Ulla was a heavy one and maybe even a compromise too far but when
>one compromises one allways sees length oneself has to move over the
>other. To make things clear here is what I believe was agreed.
>Indymedia Scotland's own scotland.indymedia.org site should be listed in
>global 'cities list' which is carried as part of POU by all indymedias.
>No links to IMCUK should be made from scotland indymedia from collective
>elements of scotland.indymedia.org website  to IMCUK except the cities 
>Not we should not enforce this against individual posting but I don't
>think that is an issue.
>Only the scotland.indymedia.org url and not scotland.indymedia.org.uk
>should be placed on all printed publicity created by indymedia scotland.
>(note the only breaking of this was by accident with a poster cum large
>leaflet, luckily that accident was made by someone who it was clear it
>was an accident as regards there positions in debate)
>[Paul note this with regards to your proposed text for new leaflet]
>In Scotland, Indymedia Scotland workshops should only train people on
>scotland.indymedia.org website, which is where efforts to develop
>collective editorial should be developed.
>Note I reserve right to personally share with anyone technical
>information about how IMCUK works who asks me, as part of may commitment
>to free flow of knowledge and skills. But I have not actually shown
>anyone how to use imcuk since compromise over sites.
>That clear pointer should be made from scotland subsection on imcuk to
>new site. These include links not only to scotland.indymedia.org site
>but fact a prominent publish button to new site added above existing
>one.  We also had a special article which stuck at top of page which
>explain that indymedia was focusing its efforts on
>scotland.indymedia.org and encouraging people to post there. I am happy
>for such an article to be added again. I think it was only removed when
>scotland.indymedia.org was offline for a bit. I would like care to be
>taken with wording of this article to now use works like 'you must' but
>just clearly encourage use to use scotland.indymedia.org
>As we any decisions it is not just about making them but implementing them.
>If anyone questions that I made compromise over the issue bear in mind I
>originally wished the scotland subsection on imcuk to continue for me
>with same vigour as scotland.indymedia.org
>I am totally in favor of getting the scotland.indymedia.org site back up
>running and the indymedia scotland collective focusing it's efforts on
>building that site.  But for me to accept the removal of scotland pages
>at existing urls from imcuk would be total defeat on this issue rather
>than compromise, and unacceptable as denying users of indymedia choice
>to force them on a certain path rather than persuade by sharing
>information and views. I guess we all use web in different ways. As well
>as live uptodate info I use it to dig out historical info and I get
>annoyed when pages I once found disappear. Pages should remain
>accessible via urls were before in findable ways. This is not about
>sentimentality. It is usefully to be able to find stuff that was
>previous put on the web. It pisses me of that Daily Record removed it
>articles it had online about the G8 in 2005. To remove access to
>scotland subsection imcuk I don't thinks serves the cause of promoting
>the site at scotland.indymedia.org over leaving alone. Lets get on with
>promoting  the site at scotland.indymedia.org  and building collective
>I noticed at last indymedia meeting  from the minutes:
>* a notice to the org.uk that the site is elsewhere
>* how to get rid of the second publish button in org.uk
>* ask for the regional Scotland link to be removed for indymedia.org.uk"
>I will ask those who were at meeting to clarify what is meant exactly by
>this. But like I feel it was not wise for AB to raise the issue on this
>list, it seem perhaps more inadvertently that issue has been raise
>again. By notice is it meant reposting article like I mention above on
>imcuk scotland subsection. Which is second publish button refer to. As I
>said people should be given choice, yes do make it a clear informed
>choice, where people know that the collective has prefferance for
>articles to be posted to scotland.indymedia.org, but don't remove
>functionally to force users who do not do what you wish.
>Harry Halpin wrote:
> > I'm happy with it being moved to IMC-Athens server if needed - and then
> > if the collective so decides, we can try re-setting up on ibiblio.org
> > for persistence.
> >
> > Again, just tell me so I can e-mail Fred and ibiblio folks.
> >
> >
> > LA wrote:
> >
> >> Hey. When I said fast, I meant that I can reset up indymedia even
> >> tonight, if wanted.
> >> _______________________________________________
> >>
> >>
> >
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