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chris chris-h at diskant.net
Fri Aug 29 04:26:48 PDT 2008

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I was having similar trouble with a non-appearing text box yesterday. It
was solved the same way as Tom advised.

Your browser is kindof old and I think would be missing some security
fixes, so you should update at least to (or whatever); you
should be able to do that from the menus: Help > Get Updates or
something similar.

Alternatively you could go to www.getfirefox.com and get version 3, with
whatever new features in has. I haven't used it but as far as I know
there isn't any problems with it generally (notwithstanding what Tom
says below re: Drupal).

It's worth noting that IMC UK is having trouble at the moment as well:
only some of the servers are available (i.e. you have to go to
https://www2.indymedia.org.uk/ instead of just
https://www.indymedia.org.uk/) and the news is 6 weeks old.

Nasty stuff.....


mike92 at riseup.net wrote:
> yes , cant really go on with the site being down so much, sorry dont 
> have any knowledge in area of new hosting, could we put out an appeal 
> for help via some sorta international indymedia techie list or something?
> re my browser it seems to be
> Firefox
> i gather that is pretty old , i should get it upgraded i think?
> cheers mike
> Tom Morton wrote:
>> Hello,
>> It seems the site is down again. This is very frustrating. If we had a
>> tech collective then I'd propose we have an IRC meeting to discuss &
>> find new hosting for indymedia scotland. Does anyone have good ideas for
>> new hosting?
>> Does anyone know who has access to re-point the scotland.indymedia.org
>> subdomain?
>> Mike: Regarding your publishing problems, I'd just upgraded the
>> wordprocessor-style editing thing on the site. If the site comes back
>> online, it might be worth trying again after clearing your browser's
>> cache. (on firefox) click on the tools menu and select 'clear private
>> data', and then tick the 'cache' box.
>> If it still doesn't work after that then I'll have to revert it back to
>> the old version (which has a bug on firefox 3...) Do you know what
>> version of firefox/internet explorer/something else you are using?

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