[imc-scotland-discussion] Ideas...

Ben bencrosbie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 20:04:49 PST 2008

Just a delayed response to Tom's email earlier saying he ran out ideas,

Here's some ideas I have kicking about (some brought up at the Glasgow
meeting) and a small list of tasks that are currently underway...

General PR for Indymedia (hold live events... live events that are also
simultaneously streamed online?)
Image Gallery
Video support (even if simply ability to embed videos uploaded elsewhere)
Email shots - Daily email shots with the latest headlines (also allow users
to select a condensed Weekly or Monthly version instead), can be automated
using Drupal, have notes on this somewhere
Redmine with subversion support installed on server for website development?
Current ongoing tasks*

Newsletter (ongoing)
Set up Paypal
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