[imc-scotland-discussion] Anti-Mil Gathering

maskedavenger at riseup.net maskedavenger at riseup.net
Wed Nov 26 09:17:26 PST 2008

Hey. A few things.

Ive just made a feature about the anti-militarist gathering. I know there
has been reservations before about using Indy to advertise events. I think
the event is quite important and its news that its happening but if people
dont think it should be there I understand.

Techy side: When I made the article I inserted an image full sized and
then used the handles to make it smaller but when I submitted it the
picture went full sized. Not sure what to do bout it other than insert a
pre-resized image.

For the gathering we (I) uploaded our posters to SIMC and then linked to
them from our blog site. Ive brought this up and if we manage to come out
of this with any spare money we will make a small donation to SIMC for


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