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The "Future of News" is cancelled. Or postponed till 3rd June.

Anyone know their availability for that far ahead?

Still nobody else want to speak at it?

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Subject: 	Rescheduling of News Event
Date: 	Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:55:28 +0100
From: 	Patricia Krus <patricia.krus at instituteforadvancedstudies.org.uk>
To: 	Brian McNair <brian.mcnair at strath.ac.uk>,
<graham.meikle at stir.ac.uk>, 'Raymond Boyle'
<R.Boyle at ccpr.arts.gla.ac.uk>, <marina.dekavalla at stir.ac.uk>

Dear Future of News participants,

With regret, the organisers have decided to cancel the forthcoming
seminar programme on Mapping the Future of News, sponsored by the
Institute of Advanced Studies and the universities of Strathclyde,
Glasgow and Stirling. The ongoing uncertainty around air travel caused
by the volcanic eruption in Iceland makes it impossible to predict the
timely arrival and departure of a significant number of participants.
The principal organiser, Brian McNair, is himself stranded in the USA
until April 30 as are a number of other participants.

In the circumstances, we are rescheduling the seminars planned for
Thursday and Friday, April 29/30 and aim to organise a shorter event on
the evening of 3^rd June and on 4^th June. The public lecture with Blair
Jenkins would take place on 3^rd June at 6pm, followed by a one day
seminar the following day, dependent on the availability of UK-based
participants unaffected by the disruption to air transport. At the
present time, we would like you to let us know if you would be available
on the 3^rd and 4^th June.

Those who have already booked flights which cannot be re-used for
another trip will be contacted individually by IAS regarding
reimbursement of costs.

The organisers wish to thank all those who have invested time and energy
on their contribution to Mapping The Future Of News, in particular
researcher Marina Dekavalla, whose pre-seminar report is being
circulated to all participants. We will aim to utilise those
contributions in a final report of some kind, even if a rescheduled
seminar series proves not to be practical.

We are deeply disappointed that an unforeseen natural catastrophe has
disrupted what promised to be an important and timely event, but feel it
best to remove any uncertainty around the event at this point.

With best wishes,

Brian McNair (Strathclyde University)

Raymond Boyle (Glasgow University)

Graham Meikle (Stirling University)

Patricia Krus (Institute of Advanced Studies)

Dr Patricia Krus

The Institute for Advanced Studies

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75 Montrose Street

Glasgow G1 1XJ

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Fax: +44 (0)141 548 4166

Web: www.instituteforadvancedstudies.org.uk

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