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When I was invited to join a secret society in 1974, these two guys told me a helluva lot of their secrets, sitting in Stevenson's College of Further Education in Edinburgh, and they stated:
     "We find a lie in the papers is one of the most powerful ways of controlling people, it gives an impression of a lot of power and control. So we sat down and worked out the most difficult lie to put in the papers that people would find difficult to believe could be a lie, and we decided it would be most difficult to claim people are child molesters. So we're working out ways of making people look like they might be child molesters. We picked Jimmy Saville, coz we thought he has a slightly ridiculous image to claim he could be a fascist or a CIA agent, and he leads lots of celebrities into situations where we photograph them with children so we can blackmail them. We're thinking of putting a real twice-convicted child molester at the top of MI5 because we will have control of him, we can blackmail him into doing things for us that we want done....we have a particular area where we want to generate total terror if they talk about it.....we want
 total control."
     Regardless of what you think of that, a Sunday Times article of early 1990, think January, described how odd it was that "the head of MI5 is a twice-convicted pederast", another word for a child-molester. AND a friend of mine sat down in front of me in Susie's intent on talking to me coz she knew I was into stuff about the Masons (her Dad was in the Masons and would tell her things occasionally), this was roundabout 1995-ish, and she said 'My Dad just told me that Jimmy Saville is the head of a paedophile ring, and absolutely no-one in the media will touch the story'." I couldn't be bothered trying to tell her what the real story was behind that.
These two guys called themselves "neo-fascists", tho they tell you they are plain and simple ornary ole fascists, calling themselves neo-fascists is to show off that the judge will be biased towards them if someone from our group just calls them fascists, they will sue you and say "We are not Fascists, we are Neo-Fascists", and the judge will award them money, which they proved they had already done to someone.
In Section 6 (I think) of this website, is written as detailed an account as could be managed of that conversation with those "Neo-Fascists".
"The National Enquirer Personified" is my term for David Icke - - Linda Moulton Howe found documentary evidence that the American rag we know as the "National Enquirer" was set up by American intelligence operatives in the 1950s, such that truthful stories (the recent breaking of the story "Le Pain Maudit of Pont-Saint-Esprit", at present only readable in a Daily Telegraph, and on their website, would be a brilliant happening-right-now example) are given a silly vibe......Howe charges $40 yearly dollars for full access to her http://www.earthfiles.com, which I do send her, but she had been running it for nothing until the cost of broadband forced her to start charging - she agonised over the phone to me, about ten years ago, from Pennsylvania, about whether she should charge money, so, 'fraid to say, she is not a capitalist. 
Nuff said for now, folks.

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   1. Hollie Greig stories (chris)


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We keep getting variations of the Hollie Greig story posted to the
newswire. See http://www.indymediascotland.org/node/18640

[One of them I deleted outright - a purported list of paedophiles with no
evidence or story attached. I went for deletion rather than Hide as it was
super-libellous and didn't want to risk it being visible through direct

The current story is a lengthy quote from and link to a story at "Palestine
Telegraph" (not as far as I can tell, much to do with the Middle East)

That story goes into more detailed accusations than the quote.

Thing is, there's no evidence I can see backing up a lot of the
accusations, e.g. that the Lord Advocate is involved in a cover-up
(Something retracted by its original publisher, see PCC:

The main source / promoters of this story are not credible: David Icke.com
(conspiracy nonsense), UK column (odd anti-climate science stuff and a
focus on sex and children) and this Palestine Telegraph article (not well
followed-up or checked).

I'm hiding it as Infactual on that basis, but am open to discussion on it.
I'm not totally happy hiding the story, as the injunction details (i.e. see
http://scottishlaw.blogspot.com/search/label/Hollie%20Greig) are sort of
interesting regardless of the truth of the core allegation. But that's not
the story being posted.

I'm notifying the list about this stuff partly because it's complicated and
partly because I'll be away until next Wednesday, so if people can keep an
extra eye on this that'd be handy.

chris h

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Saturday 20th March, Free entry.
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