[IMC-Seattle] SEAIMC Meeting Changed!

Joseph Eisenschmidt relayer at riseup.net
Fri Jul 9 14:42:03 PDT 2004


The Saturday meeting will be at 175 between 5th & 3rd NE at the
Shoreline library.

I'll be at the Greenwood library redirecting folks, as I can't
attend the Shoreline location.


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Just got a call from the Library.  They made an oops, booked a
program at
the same time as our meeting was scheduled.

They did arrange a new room for us.  It is at the Shoreline Library,
betwwen 3rd and 5th.

Time is still 1 pm.

We do have much to discuss.  Reportbacks on the CTC situation, and
hunt for affordable space.  Other issues will also be discussed.

We look forward to seeing you.


PS - Please forgive any duplication.  I wanted to get this to
and the IMC list server is down - so we cannot send an e-mail to any

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