[IMC-Seattle] proposals

Lance Larkin inzimbabwe at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 16:46:44 PST 2004

I don't think that I'm going to make it to the meeting
on Saturday, and would like to comment on the
editorial policy. As a past editorial collective
member and one of the people who originally hashed out
these issues in SeaIMC versionI, I am really happy
with what I see.

However, I found one of the reasons for hiding posts
to be extrememly problematic. Position #11 says that
the IMC can hide posts that are, "off-topic or are not

I see where this one comes from. We don't want little
Suzie to turn the newswire into a running thread about
her dog. However, there is also a lot of room for
abuse here. Who defines what is news and what is not?
Is an article on the Burning Man arts festival in
Nevada on topic?

The old editorial policy was to hide with the lightest
of touches. Defining "news" on an article by article
basis not only sounds like a recipe for disaster, but
also a lot of work.

I look forward to the meeting minutes and let me know
when the next editorial or general meeting is.

Just my $.02,

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