[imc-sf-active] Istanbul out of control ? Blocked publish

mat(a)riseup.net mat at riseup.net
Fri Dec 30 19:57:58 PST 2005

Someone say on irc that istanbul.indymedia.org was out of control.
That trolls was posting videos and shit in the past months and nobody hide
I saw the site, but i cant understand a single word in turkish.
But i saw videos and pics that was posted for trolling, so im blocking open
publish until we have a word from the Istanbul collective.
Wich, by the way it was active in the last days according to the features in
the istanbul site.

Mat - stray.indy admin
CMI Buenos Aires
Indymedia Argentina

This is the irc log from #tech:

20:30 < e2e> Hi, istanbul.indymedia.org full with porn pictures,
20:31 < e2e> And site admins don't do anything about this...
20:31 < e2e> There is no control over posts or comments
20:31 < e2e> I read about open publishing and it seems this site includes
what it musn't include
20:32 < e2e> I'm not sure what can i do, there are lots of people calling to
boycott the site
20:32 < e2e> Just an example:
20:33 < e2e> Is there anybody reading and can help?
20:33 < stefani> e2e: need to contact the editorial of the site.
20:34 < e2e> stefani: There are lots of posts calling site admins to remove
these stuffs, but nothing changed, this is not
20:35 < stefani> has anyone emailed the admins, rather than posting ?
20:36 <@tammo> stefani: i can't find a mailinglist of istanbul
20:36 < e2e> stefani: I'm not sure what can email change...
20:36 < jb> go to #sfkids and tell the people there ?
20:36 < e2e> Only on front page about 15-20 posts and comments calling to
20:36 < jb> they host the site.
20:37 < e2e> jb: Thanks...
20:37 < stefani> i did not find instanbul on contacts.indy.
20:38 < stefani> ok i find, but i do not see contact.
20:38 < e2e> stefani: I've searched just before here
20:38 < stefani> k
20:39 < e2e> But i don't think to contact via email can help

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