[imc-sf-active] Wysiwyg editing?

Dave Error dave at nomasters.org
Mon Jan 10 02:53:50 PST 2005

Dave Error wrote:

> Saying that, some other good cross-browser WYSIWYG editors :
> "Epoz" : http://epoz.sourceforge.net/ - cross-browser WYSIWYG 
> Javascript based HTML generator you can drop straight into existing 
> code very easily
> demo = http://www.zfl.uni-bielefeld.de/personal/mjablonski/epoz/
> "Kupu" : http://kupu.oscom.org/
> demo = 
> http://www.solmetra.com/en/disp.php/en_products/en_spaw/en_spaw_demo

I should have mentioned, that although these products were intitially 
made by Zope people for the Zope platform, they do stand alone.

Epoz for intance is just a javascript that encapsulates the textarea 
field, and generates html for when it's saved, pretty simple matter to 
use in in any code-base.


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