[imc-sheffield] 3. Hard copy

D Olner pop02do at sheffield.ac.uk
Sat Jul 31 14:35:14 PDT 2004


Last e-mail for tonight.  

I've been plotting to produce a hard copy for as long as I've been plotting the
Writer's Workshop, so its about time I share my thoughts.

Things I know:

A 32 page Sandman-style paper, with a print run of 5000, would cost something
like £1300.

I don't think it should be a purely Indymedia-content based paper.  If you can
picture a venn diagram, with the hard copy in the middle, some overlaps would
be Sheffield Indymedia, VAS' paper and - I'm hoping - other sources such as
writer's workshops from different community angles, interviews, events
listings, etc.

This would solve my problem of wanting to engage with views that Indymedia might
not host.

The non-IMC writer's workshops *could* receive funding, because they would tick
government 'basic skills' boxes - and the council's small grants fund boxes

So - Shef IMC could get content in a funded community paper, as long as we were
willing to muck in with others. 

There would have to be lengthy conversations about how to construct a democratic
editorial policy - any precedents, e.g. in New York?

I'm going to be contacting various rags to see how they fund themselves -
Bristol's 'Spark' is a good model, although rather overfull of adverts! (The
adverts are all for local, fairtrade, new age and fluffy businesses, so it's
not so bad...)

So that's it from me for the night...


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