[imc-sheffield] Bhopal Express

chip chiapas at riseup.net
Tue Nov 2 12:33:04 PST 2004

hey kollective

the slowroom are happy to put this 'Bhopal Express' film on Sunday 5th
december at 6pm - this is a primetime slot for a sunday if you think about

this is better than 6pm on friday 3rd.

they want to go 50:50 on the proceeds so if we get in 100 concession
payers - which we should try to aim for - that's 200 quid on the door and
that makes £100 for us.  there's nowt to pay for the film.

what say y'all?  are we happy with this?  i'll get back to them tomorrow
at noon to say if it's a deal or not.

then we need to think how best to divvy up the proceeds if indeed we want
to donate some to the server appeal after a donation to the Bhopal Medical


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