preposed admin account [was: re [imc-sheffield] HTTP]

r7 r7 at
Tue Nov 30 14:31:27 PST 2004

quoting Chris:

> Would you like a admin account?

mithinks that would a collective decision perhaps ;-) one which i would support

> I think Dan and Helen and Nick could make good use of admin account
> and we should probably set them up with them if they are interested in
> helping admining the content of the site...

i would also support this.

> If anyone want to have a play with the admin interface I
> can set up accounts on the development server and you can
> play there to your hearts content with out having to worry
> about deleting anything important or messing anything up
> :-)

this is an excellent idea and should be circulated more widely. email to
[imc-uk-features] and [imc-ik-process] perhaps?

r7 [at] aktivix [dot] org

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