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Chris chris at aktivix.org
Tue Nov 30 13:59:29 PST 2004


On Tue 30-Nov-2004 at 07:14:19PM +0000, Dan wrote:
> I'm sure I remember someone saying that you can post
> articles up in HTML... but I see no option on the
> publish page.  (I want to embed some links in a
> story...)

You can only post the the newswire as plain text, however
if you have a admin account you can make a newswire post
html and add hyperlinks etc... but this also means that
you have to add paragraph tags and the automatic
hyperlinking of web addresses doesn't work when the
content type is set to HTML -- you have to manually code
these things.

Would you like a admin account? They are basically used
for moderating the newswire and posting up features, you
are supposed to be on the imc-uk-features list also and
let people in irc know when you are editing features --
the admin interface gives you access to the whole site
not just Sheffield. 



Admin accounts have basically been given out on a needs
basis, I suspect that there are some Sheffield accounts
that are unused though, we should probably check on this
and close them if they are. I think Dan and Helen and Nick
could make good use of admin account and we should
probably set them up with them if they are interested in
helping admining the content of the site...

If anyone want to have a play with the admin interface I
can set up accounts on the development server and you can
play there to your hearts content with out having to worry
about deleting anything important or messing anything up



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