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Here's first draft of the press release. How is work on the feature
going Chris/anyone? I think it would be good to have that up on the
site by the time the press release goes out - so hopefully today.

We could also include that as a fuller statement to the press release.

Anyway comments/criticism etc welcome....

Sheffield Indymedia
sheffield at indymedia.org

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Sheffield S11 8XG

phone number ????

Embargo: 00.01am Thursday 14th October

Sheffield web site seized by the FBI

It's now been one week since FBI agents barged into the offices of a
London based web hosting company and seized computer equipment
containing the Sheffield alternative news web site Sheffield

The equipment seized also affected around 20 other Indymedia web sites
from Europe to South America. Yet still neither the FBI, the
Government or the police have offered any explanation to Indymedia as
to why their servers have been seized or to where they have been

Rackspace, the web hosting company, issued a limited statement saying
that they were acting in compliance with "a Mutual Legal Assistance
Treaty (MLAT), which establishes procedures for countries to assist
each other in investigations such as international terrorism,
kidnapping and money laundering". They also said a court order is
prohibiting them from making any further comments about the seizure.

Volunteers from Sheffield Indymedia are furious about the incident and
believe that Sheffield MP and Home Secretary David Blunkett must have
sanctioned the MLAT in the first place. They are writing to Mr
Blunkett demanding an explanation.

sheffield at indymedia.org

Phone no: ????? any mobile users want to offer their number?

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