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2> hi steve,

2> i think the letter you drafted is good and have hacked it about a bit
2> ... i've also shortened it so it's more in-the-face

Cool. Shall I send it now then? Speak now or it'll be gone by the

I guess in light of the returned disks the press release will also
need changing too.

We still don't have a feature. Chris where are you? Should we just get
on with it as if the press release has any impact then they'll be sure
to look at the site.

I was going to suggest using the IMC call for solidarity but the
return of the disks makes that out of date too now. But I think we
should still do one anyway. This incident has no doubt put quite a few
people to to quite a bit of work. If we were a paid organisation it
would have probably cost £thousands. Perhaps we should demand some
compensation too?



Revised letter below....

Letter to:

David Blunkett
Home Secretary

Letter from:

Sheffield Indymedia
PO Box 1251
Sheffield S11 8XG

Wednesday 13 October 2004

RE: Federal Bureau of Investigation taking IT Equipment that serves
Sheffield based community.

Dear Mr Blunkett,


Sheffield Indymedia is used by thousands of people from Sheffield and
the surrounding region including your own constituancy in Brightside.
It is the only news web site serving the area that allows open
publishing - that is anyone can post their news there. As such it is a
vital tool for furthering local democracy.

On Thursday, 7 October 2004, our web site Sheffield Indymedia
disappeared from the internet.

We understand that the reason for this dissappearence is because our
London  based hosting company [1] was served by the F.B.I. with a
subpoena issued in the U.S.A.

This subpoena enabled allegedly the F.B.I. to take the I.T. equipment
which served our web site.

We also understand that this was done under a Mutual Legal Assistance
Treaty and that as such you, as Home Secretary, must have sanctioned
this seizure.

Is this correct ?

We should be obliged if you were able to answer the following concerns

1.  Have we broken any laws ?

2.  Why have we not been contacted by the UK Government or your agents
    about the taking of this equipment and the consequential
    disruption of our community ?

Given the seriousness of the above action taken against our community,
and instigated by a foreign power, we ask that we are allowed to meet
with you or someone from your office at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely

Rick Jones on behalf of Sheffield Indymedia.

sheffield at

Rackspace Managed Hosting
8 The Square
Stockley Park
UB11 1BA

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