[imc-sheffield] Re: cafe at alt.doc.fest

chip chiapas at riseup.net
Wed Oct 20 05:10:29 PDT 2004


Dan said:

> Cafe:
> Another possibility, at least for one of two of the days: New Roots.

sounds good.

> They've volunteered for both the SSF launch and the recent Hungry for
> Justice conference... I think I have a phone number...

can you check their availability.

> wouldn't want to step on Ruth's toes, though - but it's another option.

well, no decision has yet been made - she's only offered after all so we
can choose who we like.

> Maybe they could
> split the days, so no-ones having to cater all weekend.

well, i'd rather spend time on trying to organise this film fest and not
trying to organise caterers.

> New Roots always give a bit / a lot of their profit back to who they're
> doing it for.

well we need to try to cover our costs of venue hire in the best way
possible.  there are many people who can do this such as
http://www.veggies.co.uk/ so we should have a look at what is the best
arrangement for the festival.

> Dan


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