[imc-sheffield] Sheffield IMC DVD player

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Tue Oct 26 09:31:41 PDT 2004


On Tue 26-Oct-2004 at 04:46:04PM +0100, Steve Against the War wrote:
> Erm actually I haven't blocked anything. My original email simply
> raised a question:
> > My PC actually already has a DVD drive so on second thoughts do we
> > even need one? It'll also play a lot more than DVDs too - MPEGS,
> > slideshows etc. etc..
> Chris> I guess this means that Steve will be providing his
> Chris> computer for use for the 3 days of the doc fest for
> Chris> playing DVDs?
> Yeah that's cool, don't mind my PC being used. It would be to compile
> a list of formats needed beforehand so I can make sure I got the right
> software.

OK, then I guess people are happy with Sheffield IMC not
having a DVD player since we can always rely on Steves
computer for screenings? 

> The video card is not that great however. It plays most DVDs OK but
> the colours don't seem outstanding. Should I get a better one perhaps?

I don't know, I don't think projector do very high res,
perhaps only 800x600 so I don't know if the quality of the
video card matters... does anyone know more about this?


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